Costs and Financial Policies

No student pays the entire cost of an education at Luther College. Endowment funds, gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations, and annual contributions from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America provide the additional income for instructional and operating costs.

Every attempt has been made by the college to include the essential fees in one comprehensive fee, which consists of tuition, room, and board. The tuition charge, in addition to coursework and instruction, includes: subscription to student publications, admission to college supported athletic and forensic events, some concerts, lectures, and a health service program, as well as many other college services listed in the catalog. Additional fees that may be applicable are indicated in the table of fees which follows.

Student receivable is defined as the account where your charges and credits (financial aid, payments) are recorded. Your statement of account lists your student receivable transactions in detail, as well as providing a summary of your monthly payment plan and work credit plan payments, if applicable.