Transfer Students

College work done at other accredited institutions may be applied toward a degree at Luther. Students who transfer from other colleges are required to follow the regular admission procedure and to submit an official transcript from each college attended as well as a final high school transcript. If applicable, an athletic release form, music release form, and/or GED final record may also be required. Full credit (in semester hours) is given for college work from an accredited institution, provided the grades are C or better and are in fields of study offered at Luther College. A preliminary evaluation of credits will be done upon acceptance; a final evaluation will be completed upon enrollment.

Under the same provisions, up to 64 semester hours of work done in recognized community/junior colleges will be accepted for advanced standing. (See residence requirement for additional information).

The grades earned at other institutions are entered on the student's record. Transferred credits and grade points are not included in the computation of the grade point average at Luther. The credit for such work is provisional, subject to satisfactory completion of the student's first semester at Luther College. (See the Academic Progress and Probation sections.)

Each student must complete one major according to catalog specifications, earning a C average (2.00) or better in the number of hours required in the major. The specific requirements for the various majors are listed under each department in the catalog. In most cases students who transfer to Luther as juniors or seniors will be required to complete a minimum of two courses in the major at Luther. All transfer students must consult with the head of their intended major department as soon as possible after entering Luther College to determine what will be required to complete the major at Luther.