Homeschooled Students

Students who have been homeschooled at any point during their high school years should pay special attention to the following guidelines.

Each homeschooled student must complete: (1) the application for admission, including the personal statement; (2) the homeschooled student information form; (3) a reference form letter from a tutor or teacher who can comment on the applicant's ability to be successful academically in college; and (4) scores from either the ACT or SAT exam. Official transcripts are also required for all coursework completed at other accredited institutions, such as community colleges or universities.

Each homeschool applicant must also provide a transcript, or other documentation in lieu of the transcript, as noted below.

If the homeschooled applicant has completed high school under the auspices of a diploma-granting organization, the applicant must provide to Luther College an official transcript from the diploma-granting organization.

If the homeschooled applicant has completed the high school experience independent of any diploma-granting organization, Luther College requires evidence of the applicant's preparation for college. The applicant must provide at least two items from the following list: (1) a homeschool transcript listing all courses, including English, mathematics, science, social science, and foreign language courses, (2) a detailed portfolio of work completed in high school to demonstrate preparation for college-level work, (3) a bibliography of the major books read, along with a brief essay on one of the selected works, (4) an additional reference letter completed by an educator assessing the applicant's academic preparation, (5) scores from any AP exams, which are administered independently of schools, and/or (6) GED test results.