Internship Stories

Connor Mattison

Internship - Connor Mattison

When: Summer, 2014
Where: Patchwork Green Farm and River Root Farm

Last summer, Connor worked at two vegetable producing farms in the Decorah area. Root River Farm is a USDA certified organic farm specializing in MicroGreens and bulk vegetable sales, while Patchwork Green Farm is not certified organic, but practices organically. They both specialize in individual and some bulk produce sales, primarily at the Winneshiek Farmers Market and Decorah businesses such as the Coop, La Rana, and Rubaiyat. Much of Connor’s summer involved physical garden work like weeding, hoeing, watering, harvesting, and washing, but he also assisted in sales and helped organize a bi-monthly CSA member delivery. Besides learning how to drive a tractor and cleaning over 16,000 heads of garlic, Connor was able to discover how his love for gardening could become a potential career.

Meg Ostrem

Internship - Meg Ostrem

When: Fall, 2014
Where: Kinderhaus

Kinderhaus is a Waldorf-inspired, outdoor kindergarten and preschool in Decorah. As the Project Manager of the Kinderhaus Cookbook, Meg is responsible for creating a cookbook full of recipes collected from families and community members. She’s spent much of her internship editing, revising, and formatting recipes, contacting artists for illustrations, and working with the publisher. Meg’s experience helped her realize the many areas within management that can be pursued. She hadn’t considered project management as a career before, but after having a small taste of what it entails, Meg thinks it could be a possibility for her future. Once her internship is over, Meg is excited to hold a hard-copy of the cookbook and see the impact of her hard work.

Blake Moen

Internship - Blake Moen

When: Spring, 2014
Where: Decorah Parks and Recreation

Decorah Parks and Recreation focuses on park maintenance and running children’s sports functions including flag football, little league, and biddy basketball. Last spring, Blake contributed to their efforts by mapping out field dimensions for the various sports, calculating activity prices, and even became a coordinator for a group called "FUN"; an after school fitness program for 1st-4th graders where they played games and learned about eating healthily. After running the six-week program and being responsible for picking the weekly activities, Blake discovered he would love to put his Sports Management Concentration major towards working with kids and hopes to get a sports-related job working with children in the future.

Aldon Severson

Internship - Aldon Severson

When: Spring, 2014
Where: GoodBlogs Inc.

Last spring, Aldon had the opportunity to work remotely from Luther for GoodBlogs: a patent pending, community blogging software that combines the innovation of crowd-sourced content with the power of content marketing. His primary role was client acquisition and business development, meaning he would discover prospective clients in a given industry to be targeted and contacted by the sales team. He also maintained a database recording all companies, executives, and lead statuses. Since GoodBlogs is still evolving, Aldon feels he most benefited from his internship by participating in a variety of sales and marketing calls because he got to witness the transformation of the company’s sales processes and marketing models.

Casey Waterman

Internship - Casey Waterman

When: Fall, 2014
Where: Grass Run Farms

Grass Run Farms is a collaboration of family-run farms in the Upper Midwest, producing and marketing 100% grass-fed beef. Their mission is to make high-quality, affordable, pasture-based meats accessible to anyone interested in healthy food and community values. Casey was able to help assist the company’s mission with his internship this fall by focusing on wholesaling, marketing, website analysis and design, and sales. With his internship supervisor, Dan Bellrichard '01, Casey set up a wholesale system online for retailers to place orders and gain information about selling Grass Run Farms products in their stores. Not only has this internship increased his passion for marketing and operations, but Casey has enjoyed Grass Run Farms so much he hopes to be employed there someday!

Tim Komatsu

Internship - Tim Komatsu

When: Summer, 2014
Where: Steppenwolf Theatre

Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, IL is one of the largest regional theatres in America and is known nationwide for developing and premiering new plays. Tim spent his summer as their literary intern, which dealt with agent correspondence, reading and reviewing plays, and an in-depth research of theatre history. One of his proudest accomplishments was establishing a process for cataloging Steppenwolf's commission history, which spans almost 30 years and includes plays that have won Tony and Pulitzer prizes. Tim says it was fascinating to be able to dig through documents and contracts, discover several world famous plays that had been commissioned by the theatre, and now hopes to move to Chicago after graduation to continue working in their vibrant theatre scene.

Becca Chapin

Becca Chapin

When: Summer, 2014
Where: Des Moines Metro Opera

Celebrating its 42nd festival season this summer, Des Moines Metro Opera is the largest performing arts organization in Iowa. The organization offers three main stage operatic works, produced by over 200 people, including well-accomplished singers, apprenticeship artists, designers, a production crew, and interns. As a wig and makeup intern, Becca washed, blocked, styled, and applied wigs to the singers heads, as well as hats and head pieces. She also helped with makeup and any miscellaneous tasks that needed to be done during the run of the shows. A highlight for Becca was researching, making stencils, and applying temporary prison tattoos to singers using acrylic paint. As a theatre major wanting to go into costume, hair, and makeup design, Becca’s internship gave her a better idea for the industry and made her excited the career ahead!

Bailey Devine

Internship - Bailey Devine

When: Summer, 2014
Where: Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa

Bailey was stationed at a Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in northwest Minnesota and focused on water monitoring, wetland delineation, and conservation projects. She was able to experience the balance of internal SWCD responsibilities, such as attending meetings with the DNR and organizing data, with the exterior field work of gaining support for grants, monitoring soils, and planting trees. As a part of her internship with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa, Bailey had the privilege to oversee the construction and implementation of a rain garden in front of the Ralph Engelstad Arena and learned the importance of communicating with a variety of organizations and viewpoints. After completing her work last summer, Bailey is confident she wants to work in a field that positively impacts the environment and has become aware of many additional federal, county, and city government positions.

Laura Proescholdt

Internship - In a New Light

When: Summer, 2014
Where: In a New Light

Laura worked as an expressive arts intern at Northwest Passage as part of the In a New Light team, a nature photography program that provides opportunities for hope and healing through art. Located in northwestern Wisconsin, Northwest Passage is a residential treatment center for youth ages 12-17 with mental, behavioral, and emotional challenges. Over the course of the summer, she was able to explore the connection between mental health and sustainability by accompanying youth on photography expeditions along the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, facilitating one-on-one reflection writing, exploring grant writing, and assisting with Sustainable Living Group, an environmental education initiative at the girls facility. Laura says the experience enabled her to grasp the highly therapeutic potential of natural places.

Clay Walker

Internship - BelizeWhen: January Term, 2014
Where: Barranco and Punta Gorda, Belize

Clay was able to complete a biology internship in Belize during January term 2014. He spent time with the local Garifuna people, one of several different cultures that live harmoniously in the area. While there he worked with Garfuna doctor trained in both western medicine as well as traditional healing methods. This experience allowed him to see how medicine is practiced in a small town in a developing nation.

Mariah Crotty

Internship - Decorah Veterinary ClinicWhen: January, 2014
Where: Decorah Veterinary Clinic

Mariah was the only student who took an internship “selfie” while working with the Decorah Veterinary Clinic in January of 2014. While there she definitely got her hands, and boots, dirty while making rounds to local farms with veterinarians. She also observed veterinarians serve customers and their pets at the clinic.

Rigzin Dolma

Internship - Corbin GroupWhen: January Term, 2014
Where: Corbin Group

Rigzin, a junior double major in economics and management, worked as a social media marketing intern at Corbin Group. She worked under the supervision of the organization’s owner to develop an Instagram web presence for Corbin Group. Part of this project involved collaborating with the Corbin’s video director to develop a clip for Instagram. Rigzin also attended meetings to help develop new marketing strategies for clients of Corbin Group. She reported that the internship “definitely enhanced my leadership and creative skills.”

Emily Vander Stel and Courtney Meyer

Emily Vander Stel and Courtney Meyer at John Deere.

When: Summer, 2013
John Deere - Moline, IL

One of Luther’s longest running internship opportunities for accounting students is with John Deere. In the summer of 2013, rising seniors Emily Vander Stel and Courtney Meyer were selected to participate with interns from all over the United States in the John Deere Summer Internship Program. Emily and Courtney both worked at regional offices before returning to the corporate headquarters in Moline. While at corporate headquarters, they gave presentations of their summer projects to accountants currently employed by John Deere. Also in attendance at the presentations were Luther accounting professor Mona Nelson and Career Center Director Brenda Ranum.

Lindsey Colyer, Dan Stover, Reed Johnson, and Sarah Floden

Lindsey Colyer, Dan Stover, Reed Johnson, and Sarah Floden at Gundersen Health System.

When: January Term, 2014
Where: Gundersen Health System - La Crosse, WI

One of Luther’s largest groups of January term interns comes from the biology department. Each year the department facilitates sophomore and junior biology majors in locating internships at various health care facilities. Luther students Lindsey Colyer, Dan Stover, Reed Johnson, and Sarah Floden observed medical procedures in various departments at Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, WI.

Ronell Quinones (with Luther Alum Chris Wuebker)

Ronell Quinones interns with the Decorah Police Department.

When: January Term, 2014
Where: Decorah Police Department

Over the years, the Decorah Police Department has worked with Luther students who have an interest in law enforcement. Ronell Quinones, a management major, was able to rotate with different officers and see how they each did their jobs. He learned everything from managing resources to solving problems that typically arise at the scene of an incident. His experience was positive and helped Ronell affirm decision to pursue law enforcement as a career. Ronell, on the right, is pictured with Decorah Police Officer and Luther alum Chris Wuebker.

Lauren Nelson

Internship - Winneshiek Medical CenterWhen: January Term, 2014
Where: Winneshiek Medical Center

Lauren input an entire competency record for the laboratory at Winneshiek Medical Center into their Healthstream Learning Management System. Lauren learned the skills the lab professionals must possess, and also how a learning management system contributes the process of continual improvement and staff development for any organization. She completed the project ahead of schedule, and was able to be involved in other staff development projects. Lauren’s experience added to her desire to work in the healthcare industry.

Shelly Yao

Internship - Mayo ClinicWhen: January Term 2014
Where: Mayo Clinic

Luther alum Chris Gade, who is the  Director of External Relations at Mayo Clinic, helped arrange Shelly’s internship this past January. Shelly assisted with the planning for the celebration of 150th anniversary of the founding of Mayo Clinic. This included writing news releases and other promotional materials, as well as participating in planning meetings related to the celebration. Shelly, on the right, is a management and psychology double major. Standing next to Shelly is her internship supervisor Alaine Westra, Public Affairs consultant for Mayo Clinic.

Callie Sonek

Internship - Blue Earth County Historical SocietyWhen: Summer, 2013
Blue Earth County Historical Society, Mankato, MN

Callie, a double major in history and classical studies, completed an internship with the Blue Earth County Historical Society. During her internship, she assisted with a living history event (shown in the picture), wrote an audio tour script, worked with Past Perfect museum software, and assisted with various museum tasks. Her site supervisor commented that Callie was “a valuable member of our team this summer.”

Lis Athas

Interns at Lanesboro Art Center.

When: Summer, 2014
Lanesboro Art Center, Lanesboro MN

Lis, a double major in Theatre and Management spent the summer in Lanesboro, MN as the Administrative Intern for the Lanesboro Arts Center (LAC) which is a non-profit Arts Center that operates a Juries Sales Gallery, the St. Mane Theatre, and is starting the Arts Campus all across Lanesboro. During her internship, she helped out with answering phones and filing, or covering the sales in the gallery. She also did much of the box office for the shows at the St. Mane, including selling tickets and working front of house at the various shows. Lis was also apart of various public art shows that got the community involved.