First Year: A Year of Self-Discovery

Immerse yourself in new experiences, meet new friends, and take classes in subjects you have never explored.

  1. Meet with a Career Counselor and get acquainted with Career Center resources.
  2. Investigate student organizations, then selectively join one or two
  3. Identify and assess your interests and skills:
    1. Contact the Career Center to take an interest inventory.
    2. Select at least one elective course that interests you and relates to your natural strengths and abilities.
    3. Conduct an informational interview.
    4. Participate in the spring Job Shadow Program.
  4. Pursue a summer job or volunteer opportunity related to your interests:
    1. Attend the Volunteer/Non-profit Career Fair in the fall.
    2. Attend Summer Camp Fairs in the spring.
    3. Explore local volunteer opportunities.
  5. Make a tentative decision on your major.
    1. Read about the course requirements in the Luther College Catalog.
    2. Check out occupations related to various majors starting with the "What can I do with a major in...? page.
  6. Identify at least four skills employers want and plan how you will use and develop these skills before graduation. Also check out Tony Wagner's seven survival skills.
  7. Draft a resume by attending the Resume & Cover Letter Workshop. (See calendar for upcoming workshops.)
  8. Create your profile on Luther's CareerConnection portal and on LinkedIn. (Please review our Student User Acknowledgement.)