J-Term Internship Program

As part of Luther's Sesquicentennial Strategic Plan, the college has set a goal of increasing the number of students who participate in at least one internship prior to graduation. This goal would not be attainable if it were not for the incredible support that we receive from the Luther alumni network.

The following information is designed to provide you some information about hosting an intern, site expectations, as well as posting an internship with us.


January Term Dates: January 6 to January 29, 2014


Submit a J-term Internship
If you have an experience you'd like to post, tell us about it here!

Guidelines-Responsibilities for Host/Site (PDF)
If you are curious about the responsibilities of an internship site supervisor, this will answer those questions!

Employer Internship Handbook (PDF)
If you are hosting an intern for the first time, this handbook will provide you an overview of best practices to help you get started!