As a Luther alumnus, you can stay connected to the college and play a role in the lives of today's current students in multiple ways. From hosting an extern, to bringing your employer on campus to recruit, to housing a student during January-term while they intern; there are numerous ways (both small and large) for you to be actively involved in campus life. Complete an on-line registration form if you are interested in learning more about any of the following programs listed below.

Host an Extern: The Alumni Externship Program

During Fall Break each year, current students at Luther travel around the region and country to spend time with alumni working in career fields of interest to them. Through a 1 to 3 day job shadowing experience, Luther students are provided a glimpse into a particular career, and alumni are provided an opportunity to mentor and coach a student. Experience has proven to us that it is a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

On-Campus Recruiting: Bring Your Employer to Campus

Luther College is blessed with a very robust on-campus recruiting program. In fact, more than 200 organizations visit campus each year. Even so, we are always looking to broaden our relationships. Whether your employer is looking to fill 1 or 100 positions (full-time, part-time, or internships), we will work tirelessly with you to find a rising Luther student with the skills and experience to meet your employer’s needs. Where else can you advertise a position and collect resumes for free? For more information regarding on-campus recruiting, Click on "Recruiters" or call 563-387-1025. 

Host an Intern

At present, approximately 52% of Luther students complete an internship by graduation. As part of the Sesquicentennial Strategic Plan, the college has set a goal to raise that to 70%. If your organization would benefit from having an intern during either January-Term, the semester, or during the summer, we want to know about it! If your employer has never had an intern before but would consider it, let us know and we can consult with you on how to structure an experience that benefits you and the student.

AlumniLEADS: Share Employment Opportunities with Students and Alumni

Whether you work for a non-profit, a Fortune 100, or a state agency, we are certain your employer is occasionally looking for talented candidates to fill vacant positions. Luther College has the technology to post and broadcast opportunities to current students and alumni at the click of a mouse.