Volunteer/Service Learning

Servant-Leadership: Service Learning and Volunteerism

At Luther, we try to prepare our students to serve in the world. One of the ways in which we do this is through helping students to become servant-leaders. Servant-leaders are persons who serve others and help them to reach their fullest potential. The concept of servant-leadership asserts that no act of service is without elements of leadership, and certainly no act of true leadership is without elements of service.

There are many ways for students to act as a servant-leader while here at Luther, including:

  • Taking service learning classes, which use hands-on service to teach course objectives
    Ask your advisor which courses are available for the current semester.
  • Volunteering regularly off campus
    See our list of area volunteer opportunities for volunteer job descriptions and contact information.
  • Participating in on-campus service events
  • Joining a student service organization that regularly does service work

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a relatively new and evolving teaching method. It involves creating reciprocal relationships between communities and the students and professors involved in the class. Students learn established course objectives by:

  • Helping a community meet real, community defined needs
  • Keeping a regular journal about their experience
  • Participating in classroom and peer discussion about their service sites and course material

At Luther there are a variety of service learning courses offered, including many study abroad/study away courses. Ask your academic advisor, academic department head, or the Study Abroad Office about courses that might fit your needs.