Job Searching

For many students, the job search experience is not simply the process which one finds employment after college; instead, this process serves as a rite of passage as you begin transitioning from life as a student to the world of work. As such, in the midst of saying "goodbye" to friends, writing your senior paper, and enjoying the final year of your college experience, students find themselves with a comprehensive job search to conduct.

Through careful planning and research, astute time management, and a little enthusiasm, students can manage the job search process with ease. The staff and resources in the Career Center can be of great support to you as you undertake this adventure. Through one-on-one advising with a career counselor, you can establish goals, develop a manageable strategy, and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct your job search in an efficient and effective manner.

To give you an idea of the tasks involved in conducting a job search, we recommend that you download our job search checklist. This is a critical first step in getting started.  

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