Does the Major Matter?

Does your major really matter? This is a heated topic for students who have lost sleep over deciding their college major. Well, don’t worry, it does matter….but realize that it also doesn’t define or limit you. Stanford University graduate, Scott Keyes, has some useful advice on this subject in his article, ‘Stop Asking Me My Major.’

For most students, deciding a college major comes down to a couple factors: 1) Genuine interest for that field of study. 2) How quickly a job in that field would help pay off student loans. And more often than not, parents (with all good intentions) are the ones who were pushing the ‘practical majors.’

For whatever reason you chose your major, the question still stands ‘how much does your major matter?’   It is important to realize that your major does not define you and all your skills and experiences. Keyes stated:

“It is counterproductive to demand that students justify their choice of study with potential job prospects because that ignores the lesson we were all taught in kindergarten (and shouldn’t ignore the closer we get to employment): You can grow up to be whatever you want to be.”

Don’t believe that? Take a glance at some of these very successful figures with some unexpected majors:

          TV chef, Julia Child: English major

          Best-selling sports/finance author, Michael Lewis: Art History major

          Creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening: Philosophy major

          Hewlett Packard chief executive, Carly Fiorina: Philosophy major

          General Electric chief executive, Jeff Immelt: Math major

Majors do matter, but they will probably only matter to you if you chose one that you absolutely love. Studying something that you love will undoubtedly lead you to a more successful spot in your career path. Avoid the burnout by focusing on what truly matters when it comes to majors; passion and enthusiasm.