The Liberal Arts Advantage- Taking the Leap

My final blog entry on Gregory Giangrande’s book, The Liberal Arts Advantage: How to Turn Your Degree into a Great Job, covers the entire second half of the book. Each of the chapters goes in-depth into eight different career opportunities for liberal arts graduates. If you are interested in publishing, retailing, journalism, or advertising, this is a great resource to look into. Giangrande gives valuable insight and advice on how to target your job search after graduation and put your liberal arts education to good use.

Rather than summarize all the points made in each chapter, I will go through and recap the most valuable advice Gregory gives to anyone looking to break into one of these industries;

Book/Magazine Publishing:

·         Be passionate about the publisher’s work, and research their current and backlist titles

·         Consider beginning as a literary agent’s assistant first when you want to get into the business.

·         During an interview, never criticize certain genres of books or other publishers. The interviewee may have even worked for them at one point!

·         Because online magazines are a growing trend, show that you are a well-rounded employee.


·         Although many people are apologetic for all their experience waiting tables or being a cashier, you can flaunt it!

·         Emphasize your interpersonal skills and innate customer service abilities.


·         Know the ‘big five nouns’ to incorporate into your resume and cover letter; accuracy, integrity, honesty, curiosity, and tenacity.

·         Be prepared to discuss and give examples on how you can work under pressure.

·         Read a high-quality newspaper each day to sharpen your ‘news sense’ and writing skills.

Advertising/Public Relations:

·         Try to get an assistant job in the advertising sales department of a newspaper or magazine company.

·         Be well-versed in different forms of public relations writing such as pitch letters and news releases.

·         Become a media and information junky. Be on top of all the new products and how they are being advertised on the television, internet, radio, and print sources.