Music Performace Resume Guide

When applying for jobs, Music majors have it a bit different than everyone else. The standard resume examples may not allow for the specialization they need to show their music experience. From a Boston Conservatory article, here is a helpful guide to creating your Performance Resume.

The following is a list of possible categories that you may wish to include in your resume. Decide which categories would best present your professional and educational experiences. Most importantly, design and organize your resume so that it best highlights your experience, don’t feel compelled to follow a given formula.


Contact Information

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Current and Permanent Address

Instrument or Voice Type


  • Degree(s) and institutions
  • GPA
  • Principal Teachers
  • Master Classes
  • Festivals
  • Certifications

Performance Experience

  • Solo Repertoire
  • Recitals
  • Chamber Music
  • Ensembles
  • Voice-Opera, Roles Studied, Musical Theater


  • Selected Compositions/Performances
  • Premiers
  • Current Projects
  • Commissioned works

Recordings and Broadcasts



Honors and Awards

  • Scholarships
  • Scholastic Awards
  • Grants and Prizes

Additional Experience

  • Languages
  • Volunteer
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Past employment

Choosing a Format


  • Most recent job and progresses back in time
  • Tracks work history easily

Order of Importance:

  • Enables reader to see your most relevant and impressive information first
  • The form is almost always used for performance resumes.


  • Highlights previous work experience that has given you background experience for the job you are seeking
  • Separated categories determined by function (Organizations, Communication, Managerial, etc.)
  • The format is not commonly used for performance positions.


  • Uses characteristics of each of the first three formats
  • Highly focused resume for a very specific job
  • Most performance resumes are targeted
  • Eliminate all peripheral information and discuss only training and performance experience