5 Ways to Get Email Overload Under Control

In today's society we are continually sending out information through email.  Most of the information is important, but there is so much information being sent to us on a daily basis.  Thankfully, there are ways that you can get all of your emails under control.

5 ways to eliminate overload:

1. Set a Time Limit: When you are dealing with a massive amount of email, in order to not get caught up in them all day you need to decide how long you are willing to spend. One suggestion is to set 15min blocks every two hours so that you are not going through a full day of emails every morning you get to work. 

2. Know Your Etiquette: A great reference to learn more about email etiquette is the Email Charter.

3. Prioritize: All emails are not created equally.  Some emails are urgent and need to be read and responded to right away, while others should be archived for you to read later. 

4. Don't Signup for Junk: This is a hard one.  It is easy to unintentionally get signed up for junk mail. This being said, one should set up an account that they send all their junk email to.  This will eliminate the amount of junk email you receive to your professional email.

5. Don't Open Mail Twice: Opening an email more than once leads to wasted time.  When you are opening your email you should do one of five things: delete/archive. delegate, respond (if you are able to do so in under two minutes), defer, or do.

The amount of emails you receive now is only going to increase when you land your professional career.  Starting early and getting your email organized and under control will lead to a better future.