Marketing Your Athletic Experience

It’s hard to not be involved on the Luther campus.  Many people are participating in extracurricular activities and are doing things that can showcased on a resume.  Looking particularly at athletes, there are many ways to market your experience.  Along with the fun and excitement of participating in a sport there are many qualities and transferable skills that are developed when dedicating yourself to a sport.

A few of these skills are:

Time Management – Being able to manage your time to be successful in the class room and competitive in your sport takes effective time management skills.  Every day as an athlete you are planning out what you have to do in the day and managing your time.

Strong Work Ethic – To be successful in sport you need to be persistent.  If you lose a game, you need to get back up and practice even harder.  This continuous cycle of trying harder and harder shows that you could be successful in your professional career because one hurdle is not going to take you out of the game.

Ability to take and give criticism – When being an athlete you are continuously critiqued by your coach or teammates. This makes you a better athlete in the end.  This ability to take criticism and use it constructively to become better is a great attribute to have in your professional careers.

Although these are only a few of the skills that athletes gain in their day to day lives, it is evident that these skills can be used in many other activities.  Not only athletes develop these skills, you could take almost any extracurricular activity on campus and find that they have similar qualities and transferable skills developed.