Preventing Negativity in the Workplace

I have found it to be beneficial to follow some people’s career blogs and learn about things they are encountering in the workplace, as well as what they have for advice in the real world.  On March 27th Alexandra Levit wrote a blog about how to Sweeten the Bad Apple On Your Team.

                Levit talks about how with the business world coming out of a recent recession tension in the workplace is still high and many employees feel they are being over worked or have become stressed out. In today’s society many companies have team based projects.  When in a team based project, there is always the one sour person who doesn’t have the greatest attitude.  With a dead weight the team is not able to perform to the best of their ability, so as a current college student who may experience this situation soon, you need to know how to change a person’s outlook.

                To make the situation better you must neutralize the dead weight, while not singling out the person. To do so you should focus on the bunch. Marshall Goldsmith, a friend of Levit’s, suggest that you work on improving the overall team behavior by having each team member ask “in the future, how can I do a great job of helping our team demonstrate effective teamwork?”.   This can encourage people to stay positive and see what they can do to help the overall team.

                By planting this question into the minds of fellow teammates you have a better chance to have everyone continually working to the best of their ability. From personal experience I have also noticed that understanding where the person is coming from, as well as giving small kind words on the great work the people have done so far, helps keep people motivated.  This will also help keep people invested in working to benefit the team as a whole.