Are Traditional Resumes A Thing of the Past?

Is there going to be a time when the traditional resume becomes obsolete? So far I have not experienced a situation where my traditional resume was considered "not enough". This being said, I do wonder if the time is coming when I will no longer be able to make this claim.  According to a CNN article by Doug Gross titled Are social media making the resume obsolete? He talks about how some experts say that we are already to this point and that a creative resume is necessary.

                In 2012, when this article was written, there were rumors that Facebook was going to launch its own jobs board.  This has yet to happen, but if it were to happen it would mean the job search could be on the same site that you share all your personal information.

                Realistically, having all the information on one social platform could be a better tool for the employers who are in the position to hire a new employee; they no longer would have to make the decision based on one sheet of paper and a few references that were selected to boast about the strengths of the candidate.  Being able to look through all of someone’s personal information would give a stronger idea of how well they will fit a given company’s culture.  Being a fit for the culture is becoming a bigger factor in today's society as many careers require collaboration with employees.

                Another way that the process of hiring a new employee is becoming less traditional is that sending a paper resume is no longer a norm.  With everything going online people are most if not all of their recruiting electronically.  There are many companies who benefit from the transition from paper to online, because it is easier to organize and follow up with potential candidates.

                Knowing that your one sheet of paper crammed with everything you want an employer to know about you is becoming less important, you need to think about how you are portraying yourself through other media platforms. Are your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest portraying you the way you want potential employers to see you? If not, I would challenge you to get all of these platforms professional and ready for the future when you are competing for a job and the employer looks at your interactions on social platforms.