Spring Break: Getting Ahead in Your Job Search

While for many the term ‘spring break’ brings to mind images of swimsuit -clad college coeds lounging on a crowded beach, the reality is that spring break has become a very busy period of time for many students. Spring break offers an opportunity to get ahead in the job search without having to worry about the added pressure of coursework; at least for a week.

Free time is a precious commodity to any college student, which makes spring break feel like hitting the jackpot. This completely distraction free week gives students the chance to catch up on elements of the job search that may have been neglected while at school. Compiled below is a list of job search tasks to work on over spring break.

  • Write or revamp your resume.
  • Take stock of what qualities you have that would make you a beneficial employee.
  • Scope out a local career fair.
  • Brainstorm a list of possible references.
  • Contact your references.
  • Set up or revise your LinkedIn account.
  • Research employers.
  • Create an application schedule (how many applications will you submit per week?)
  • Apply to jobs.
  • Volunteer- this is a great way to help others and add to your resume.
  • Seek out networking opportunities.
  • Job shadow in the field that you are interested in.
  • Perfect your writing skills, especially in regards to writing cover letters.
  • See what services your campus Career Center offers and schedule an appointment for when you are back on campus.

There is no question that spring break is a time to relax but it also is a fantastic chance to get ahead in the job search process.

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