The Other Side of the Interview

Many people pay attention to the interviewee and the preparation that goes into attaining an interview, however, there is little consideration provided to the other side; the interviewer. The techniques that go into creating interview questions as well as conducting the process can offer great insight into what being a successful candidate means. 

While most college grads are not at the stage where they will be leading interviews, as they are generally the interviewees, it can still be beneficial to have a better understanding of the interviewer. There are quite a few similarities between the two. Both interviewee and interviewer need to have a strong knowledge base of the company or organization they are working with. The interviewer needs to have a full understanding of their own job as well as what the company is looking for in a new employee. 

When a approaching the beginning of an interview, it is a good idea for the interviewer to tell the candidate a bit about themselves before starting questions. This helps to put the candidate more at ease while giving them a better idea of person who is interviewing them.  The interviewer wants to make a good impression on the candidate.   It is difficult to attract potential employees if you come across in a negative manner. 

The most important facet of the interview process is, of course, the questions. This is where the interviewer collects the critical information that will decide whether or not they hire someone. This being said it is key that the interviewer follows up each preplanned question with probing questions. This follow-up can be very revealing as to how well a person can think on their feet as well as reveal new things about the candidate. 

All of this information is instructive to those who are conducting interviews but it also reveals the method to those of us who will be interviewing for jobs. By understanding both sides it is easier to know how to prepare for the process. 

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