Wine and Dine: Etiquette at a business event

Whether you have a job interview over dinner or a networking party with the boss, not knowing what is expected can become stressful. Balancing the etiquette and social sides of these situations can be overwhelming when in a business situation. Here are some etiquette tips for eating and drinking at business occasions provided by the Culture and Manners Institute.


When it comes to ordering a meal with your boss, you may feel stumped about what to order. There’s no need to pick the most simplistic thing on the menu, but order something you have tried before and enjoyed. Never had veal stomach before? Let’s not make this your first try.

• Never order something that is too expensive

• Only take one serving out of bread baskets or shared plates

• No “all you can eat” deals

• Never order meat rare

• Avoid using your fingers to eat foods

• If the occasion is a standing event, take small amounts of appetizers for your plate.

• When finished, place your fork and knife diagonally across your plate from left to right. This is a signal to staff that you are finished.



The first thing to know is that alcohol consumption should be kept to a minimum at job events. You aren't going to impress anyone with your college drinking skills. Remember: Keep everything in moderation.

• Never sip through stir straws. Use the straw to stir your drink and then throw it away.

• Don’t chew on ice cubes.

• If you have a choice for wine glasses, the larger glass is meant for red wine and the smaller for white wine.

• If you are in a one-on-one situation with your boss or coworker and they ask if you would like a drink, first ask them if they are having one as well. Follow their choice.


The best way to know how to act in these situations is by observing the etiquette of the people around you, and reflecting their behaviors.  Bon Appetit!