Career Blogs Can Help Job Search

The job search is something we all need to do eventually so why not learn from the experience of other job seekers and new professionals?   Personally, I have found many different views on career development and opinions about the correct approach to taking on the job search through blogs.  

There are many helpful blogs to look at in the article 20 Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker.  Some of them may relate directly to your field, while others may just be good reads to hear viewpoints of others. Remember that all blogs are coming from the view of an individual so read with an open mind.

Although some blogs can be dry to read, when you find one that relates directly to your field or to your interest it can be very beneficial.  I encourage everyone to find a blog or site that interests them and that is related to the stage they are in with their professional career--just starting out or a year or two into their career--you get the idea.   

I have found that blogs help me make connections to what I am doing and how other people view and approach things.  Check out a few of the blogs suggested in the article  and take advantage of the experience of other job seekers and new professionals.