Happiest Work Fields of 2014

Relating to my last blog about happiness in your career, a study recently came out indicating the top happiest industries to work in. And while we all know that no job is all sunshine and rainbows, five industries have been indicated as having the most satisfied workers.

The study is based out of Irving, CA from a career website, CareerBliss. Contrary to many other ‘happiness in the workplace’ studies, this one is a compilation of a wide variety of data.  The study analyzed 9,800 company reviews to see what score (1-5) an employee gave their workplace in 8 different categories:

1.       Person you work for

2.       People you work with

3.       Work setting

4.       Support you get

5.       Rewards you receive

6.       Growth opportunities

7.       Company culture

8.       Way you work

The data was averaged and calculated out to three decimal points for accuracy. Here are the top five, happiest industries to work in:

1. Software Publishers (4.014)

Top Scores: “people you work with” and “way you work”

2.       Radio and Television Broadcasting (3.978)

Top Scores: “people you work with” and “way you work”

3.       Educational Services (3.954)

Top Scores: “people you work with”, “people you work for” and “way you work”

4.Management of Companies and Enterprises

Top Scores: “people you work with” “people you work for” and “way you work”

5. Motion Picture and Video Industries

Top Scores: “people you work with”, “people you work for” and “way you work”

Notice any trends here? It seems as though these people find their bosses, fellow employees, and job tasks to be a huge factor in their happiness. Enjoying the people you are surrounded by for roughly 40 hours a week certainly makes the job more exciting and inspiring. To read more about this study, click on the link.