Blog for the Job

The ever-expanding world of technology opens up all sorts of opportunities when it comes to finding a job, including a potential to self-market. It is becoming more common for employers to google people before hiring them; which means it is essential that what they find will leave a good impression. One way to do this is by building a positive presence on the web through the development of a blog.

Now it seems a bit silly to blog about blogging, but the reality is that a blog can be very beneficial during the job search. As mentioned in the first paragraph, a blog helps to establish an online presence. Today, it is very likely that individuals are already highly active online, however; your Facebook profile or Twitter account might not present the best image to potential employers. By creating and publishing a blog in addition to providing some personal advertisement, you are also giving the employer a better idea of what you are passionate about. The blog is a tool that cannot only showcase your talents but also set you apart from other candidates.

For the blog to truly be beneficial to a job search there are several factors to take into consideration. First of all, don’t start writing the blog the day before an interview. The blog should be well established before you consider sharing it with future employers or bringing it up in an interview. Second, write about something relevant to the field you are interested in; make sure you are writing about things you actually care about. While you are writing keep in mind the goal of your blog; remember it is not an online diary. Third, absolutely no trash talking past employers; the idea is to present a positive impression that showcases a classy and well-spoken individual. Finally the blog is a tool and it only works if you use it and share it.

Once your blog is well underway consider adding a link on your LinkedIn account or resume. To get more web traffic on your blog link to other blogs; this will also increase the likelihood of it showing up in an Internet search. If you want your blog to be easily searchable it would be wise to make the title your name as that is likely what employers will be plugging into the search engine anyway.

Researching blogging online can reveal a plethora of resources. There are many step-by-step guides that detail how to start them and what sites to use to publish them.  The most popular sites that offer free blogs are Blogger, Wordpress, and Blogspot. If you are interested in starting your own blog do some research of your own, check out these three sites and see which you prefer.

With a highly competitive job market, it is becoming more and more difficult to pull away from the ground. A blog is another resource that can showcase your skills and passions while also helping you to stand out.