Fastest Growing Jobs

The job market is ever changing, and at times is hard to predict.  Depending on the newest technology or the social focus we can see major fluctuations in the number of people employed in each industry.  There are job growth projections made quite often to help us find steady career paths.  This article from Yahoo! highlights six specific career paths that seem to be growing much faster than most.

Personal Financial Advisor

A career in personal financial advice has become extremely popular field as more people move toward and into retirement.  Another major cause of the increasing demand for financial advisors is due to people questioning what to do with their money after the recent recession.  Whatever the reason may be, more and more people need financial advisors to help them wisely invest and save their money. If you enjoy working with numbers and helping people live a fulfilled life this may be a career for you.

Database Administrator

The database administration field is skyrocketing with major advancements in technology resulting in a paperless community.  A database administrator is in charge of creating, maintaining, testing, and repairing a company's computer database, and often works in tandem with every department of the company to make technological decisions that can best benefit everyone.  A background working with computers is a must and if that is your cup of tea, database administration may be as well.

Market Research Analyst

Analysis and research of a market is not an exact science, but as a market research analyst you do your best to make them so.  This analysis is all about collection of marketing, advertising, and sales related data in order to further a company's economic advantage.  For someone who is interested in peoples' reactions to different stimuli and working with data to create business strategies this is a perfect career choice.

Medical Assistant

A medical assistant position encompasses both the business and patient care side of medicine.  A medical assistant may check vitals and give injections, but they are also often in charge of completing necessary paperwork and contacting patients.  If you are interested in the medical field, but are not interested in becoming a nurse or a physician then a medical assistant career path may be right for you.

Physical Therapy Assistant

The field of physical therapy is growing due to the baby boomers and their desire to stay mobile and self-sufficient throughout life.  Physical therapy allows for increased movement abilities and overall well-being, and this must be handled by professional therapists. These therapists, need assistants to make their work go smoothly.  The trade off for therapy assistants is that, although the pay is lower, the strain and stress of the job is also much lower.  If the field of physical therapy interests you and you are not interested in pursuing a graduate degree, then becoming a physical therapist assistant may be a good option for you.

Software Developer

In our ever increasing technological age there must be someone to design the software that we use.  This is where the developers come in.  These innovators generally have a degree in computer science, software engineering, or another related field, and are in very high demand all over the world.  For those who enjoy working with technology and computers, bright futures are often found in the field of software development.