Questions to have prepared for your next interview

Interviews are never the same.  There is never going to be an interview with the exact questions as another interview.  However, there are many ways to prepare yourself for an interview. Many organizations are using behavioral questions and want you to answer in great detail during an interview.  Not only is the detail of your response important, there are also many organizations that want your responses to be in a specific order.  One well-known acronym that can help you when answering a question is the STAR method.  STAR stands for: Situation, Task, Action, and Result. 

When describing the situation balance being concise with giving enough information to set up the situation for the interviewer.  Once you have set up the situation, describe the tasks involved.  Follow the tasks with the actions you took to complete the task and end your answer with the results of your action.   After stating your results it never hurts to say what you learned or took from the given situation that will help you in the future.

Although you never know exactly what questions will be asked, it is likely they will include some version of the following questions: 

Tell me a little bit about yourself

What would you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses?

Why are you a good candidate for this position?

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