Average Starting Salary for Graduates with Bachelor’s Degree Rises

Even though the job market is very competitive, there are reasons to be optimistic.  The average salary for graduates has risen 2.4 percent in the last year according to an article released by The National Association of Colleges and Employers in September. The recent calculated average salary for students that graduated in 2013 with bachelor’s degrees is $45,357. This number is up from the previous year where they calculated the 2012 graduates to make $44,259.

There were speculations that these numbers were skewed because of one profession driving up the average of the other salaries. Fortunately, these speculations were not correct; there has been an increase in average pay throughout all different types of majors. 

Here is a chart from the article to prove this:

Figure 1: Average Salaries by Discipline
Category 2013 Average Salary 2012 Average Salary Percent Change
Business $55,635 $51,541 7.9%
Communications $43,835 $42,286 3.7%
Education $40,337 $39,080 3.2%
Engineering $62,062 $60,639 2.3%
Humanities & Social Sciences $37,791 $36,824 2.6%
Math & Sciences $42,731 $42,355 0.9%
Overall $45,327 $44,259 2.4%

As you can see in the chart, there has been an increase in every category with the largest difference being in the business field and the lowest increase in the math and sciences.  With this being said, there should be optimism and drive for every student to seek a professional career immediately after college. 

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