The Best Career for You

There are times we may find ourselves in jobs where we don't feel fulfilled or that we are living up to our full potential.  There are tools, though, to help you find the best career, and some great advice to help make that career a reality for you.  We will examine articles on both of these subjects to help you succeed when looking into changing careers.

When deciding what career path to pursue, whether that be entering the workplace or changing directions, there are some necessary considerations to take.  The most important thing to understand is the vast amount of time that the process will take.  When changing careers it is especially important to not get discouraged by the length of time it may take to find the type of employment you are looking for, and to persevere through the frustration that it may cause.  In the long run the time it takes to find this job will be well worth it.  One great article written about this subject is "Finding the Right Career" by Joanna Saisan and Melinda Smith.  This article gives you a step by step process on how to evaluate your skills and passions in order to determine the best career path for yourself.  The authors also take a look at the possibility of entrepreneurship and determining whether or not it is right for you. If confusion is creeping into your thought processes regarding job hunting this article will be extremely helpful for you.

Another article that has some nice insight is "How to Find Your Best Career and Get Paid Doing What You Love" by Preston Ni.   This article takes a simple approach to looking at the same issues of finding and getting the job that is best for you.  One great piece of this article are the quotes scattered throughout from very intelligent minds and very successful people.  These quotes highlight and strengthen the arguments that Mr. Ni makes about finding your passions and working hard to achieve them.  As mentioned in another blog this week from Hanna Knutson, Ni talks about following your passion while also making sure to keep your feet firmly on the ground.  This means not only finding your passions, but looking at the job prospects in those fields both now and in the future.  Ni also mentions the importance and advantage of talking to professionals who have succeeded in this area prior to you entering it in order to gain more insight and wisdom.  The most important idea from this article, though, is that you have to dedicate yourself to working both hard and smart in order to succeed in your field of passion.  Opportunities will not fall into your lap very frequently, so working for those and putting your all into finding the career you want are incredibly important.