Apply to Internships Early

A new school year is underway and everyone is getting settled back into the great Luther community.  With the first few weeks being hectic, many students are not thinking about possible internships for next summer.  However it is never too early to begin searching for an internship.   Start searching now and show employers that you are committed  to getting a job/internship for the upcoming summer.  When a company sees that you are determined, you already are standing out compared to other applicants.  

Along with showing that you care and want to learn about your future field, getting an internship will help you reach your professional goals and make you more marketable after graduation. An internship will benefit you in many ways that you may not know.

A few benefits of finding an internship are:

  • The opportunity to connect the theories that you have learned in class to a real world experience.
  • Practice in skills that you will need in a future profession.
  • Chances to develop self-confidence as you solve problems in a new environment.
  • Experience--something that every employer is looking for in applicants.

Being presented with these benefits should easily persuade a student to start looking, but there are still students that do not take the necessary time. Many students want to find an internship but they do not know where to start, get overwhelmed, and quit.  Do not let the fear of not finding an internship or not knowing where to start be your reason that you do not receive an internship for summer 2014.

There are many resources on campus and online that can help you learn about possible internships around Decorah or even in your hometown. On campus many students have had success with CareerConnection. CareerConnection is a database of internship and job opportunities that every student on campus can use.  All you need to do is log-in using your Luther email address and your Luther ID number and then complete your Personal and Academic Profile.   After creating your profile you are able to see a plethora of job openings and internships as well as upload a resume and cover letter. Not only are you able to view possible internships, but the companies know that you are a Luther student and they have contacted Luther looking for students to apply to these positions. Also through this database you are able to find out when companies are coming to campus to interview potential candidates.

Outside of CareerConnection there are many websites that you can look for job openings and possible internships in your hometown. One common website used is InternMatch.  This website allows you to look at jobs and internships separately as well as give your field of interest and a city or zip that you would like these internships to be near. Lastly, the Career Center has many opportunities they would love to share with you so feel free to stop on by or set up a meeting with a staff member.