5 Phone Apps that Support Your Studies

Admit it. Your iPhone or Android phone is the perfect distraction when procrastinating homework. But, believe it or not, there are a quite a few apps out there that can actually help you study. I’ve tried out some of these apps myself, and they really are convenient and user-friendly. And luckily for you, most of them are free!

Khan Academy.

Did you truly grasp every concept your professor lectured about in that 8AM class? Well Khan Academy is basically an educational-YouTube with a library of over 3,500 videos. The instructors cover a wide range of topics, and teach the subjects with fun visuals and examples.  This app is a great for people who do not feel the need to continually meet with a tutor.

Chegg Flashcards.

Electronic flashcard apps are plentiful, and they all basically do the same thing. Though some people would prefer to hand-write their flashcards to help memorize, online cards have their perks. For one, several decks of notecards can be available in your pocket at any time. Chegg Flashcards also lets you add photos into the cards as well. Other features include a timer, and option to separate cards into ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ piles.


This app is everything that your wire-bound notebook wished it could be. Supernote allows students to record lectures at the same time as you are taking notes on the app. You even have the ability to download and share lecture notes with any friends who may have chosen to sleep a couple extra hours that morning.


When writing a paper, citing sources is usually a nerve-wracking task. Regardless of the style, EasyBib creates citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago. After you plug in the resource’s information, the citation is inserted with a simple copy and paste. With the ability to save all your citations right on the app, citing future research papers can be a breeze.


Don’t have Dropbox yet? Get it! Dropbox is like having your own hard drive in the cloud, and allows you to quickly import/export any kind of file to all your electronic devices. Everything from notes to photos can be stored and accessed through Dropbox. 2G of storage is automatically free, and is usually enough storage for most people. Upgraded space can be purchased if necessary.

Remember, these apps won’t magically help you absorb information. Though they are super convenient, they will not work unless you put time into your studies. Who knows, maybe you will find that these apps help you learn class material in a more efficient way.  Happy Studying!