The Networking World

This past summer I was fortunate enough to have an executive internship with Target. It included all the basics of any internship, such as the job experience that I can put on my resume, but the most important thing I learned throughout my internship dealt with relationships and advice I was lucky enough to have and receive from my coworkers. This portion of an internship, or job, is never is never stressed as much as it should be, as networking and constructive feedback will be a part of everyone's daily lives.  These little things have helped me become a much better employee, student, and all around person due to their applicability in all aspects of life.

The personal relationships you create and the networking that you do throughout an internship are incredibly important and helpful.  Making relationships with reliable and trustworthy people will help make any job a breeze.  Having people to rely on for work or come to for questions is essential, especially in the early stages of a career.  That safety net will always comfort you and keep the stress level down in any intense situation.  I had a great relationship with my mentor this summer, and I always felt that I could come to him for advice or help.  This led to a lot less stress when I started running the store twice per week.  I always knew that if I was having a rough day I could turn to him and seek guidance, and without judgment or question he would be there to help.  This allowed me to have an extremely successful internship experience.

Networking while working at an internship is very important, especially if you are looking for a career with the company you are working for.  Knowing the right people can get you in a better position for a job than others applying for it, and can be the edge if you have a good relationship with those people.  There was a man I know who worked at a software company who had a great relationship with his boss.  As his boss climbed up the company ladder, this man did as well, until eventually his boss was offered a CEO position at another company.  Immediately after accepting the offer the boss offered a vice president position to the man who had been with him throughout his career.  Just working well with this boss got that man a vice presidential position at a very successful company.

No matter the job or the field, relationships and networking are extremely important.  They can make your work far less stressful, put you ahead of the game when applying for other positions, and even help you climb the company ladder by working well with those on the rise.  While it is not spoken of often, the importance of networking and creating good relationships with coworkers and managers can be the difference between a good career and an amazing one.