What can I do with a major in International Studies?

Though a newer addition to the list of majors at Luther College, courses related to International Studies have spanned across a variety of disciplines for many years. The International Studies program focuses on providing students with the "knowledge to function optimally in this interconnected world". In addition to understanding what this major is, it is also important to explore what opportunities are available to those who study in this field.

Part of the draw to International Studies is the fact that it dips into so many other fields of study.  This makes it very easy to pair this major with another program or to simply apply the learning across disciplines. Due to this fact, there are a wide variety of careers related to international studies. Positions in the business community, public relations, government, the sciences, education, and many more can be attained with the help of a major in International Studies.

As the name of the major indicates, International Studies promotes exploration of other places and cultures around the world.  Through Luther's program student's are required to do some sort of study abroad to completely immerse themselves in a foreign culture.  This experience not only provides a first hand learning experience but can also provide a glimpse of what a future working in another country might be like. A degree in International Studies will open the door to opportunities abroad.

It is impossible to pinpoint one area in which an International Studies major will fit because the learning applies to so many different areas. This is not discouraging but rather encouraging as so many options will be available following graduation.

For more information about careers for an International Studies major, visit the Luther College Career Center on the second floor of the Dahl Centennial Union.