LinkedIn 101

In this day in age, we share everything on the internet. If I were to open up my Instagram feed right now, I would be able to look at exactly what my friends are eating for lunch. And if I were to check my Twitter, I would most likely get a good idea of how upset everyone is with this cold weather in late April.  But with social media becoming a major source of career networking, there is a site that we should all be spending a little more time on; LinkedIn. So maybe it’s not as thrilling as other social media sites, but making sure that your LinkedIn account is complete is important. When it comes to marketing yourself, skimping information on your personal profile will quickly reduce your value on the site.  Here’s a basic overview of what you should be including on your LinkedIn profile.

First off, complete your whole profile when the account is made. Think of it as an online resume. You wouldn’t show an employer an out-of-date resume, so make sure that your profile includes all of your recent experiences. It would also be worth your time to add in a photo that looks professional and is also recent. If you have not yet created a LinkedIn account, here are the basic items you need to complete on your profile: Your current position, two past positions, education, profile summary, photo, specialties, three recommendations. 

Now those items are just the basics, going above and beyond with these next tips will impress employers even more.

Use Keywords. Keywords are common words that professionals will type in to look for people in certain fields. Why is this important? The more keywords you insert into your profile, the higher your ranking and visibility will be on the site. Go ahead and research some useful keywords that are commonly searched in your career field.

Another way to show how LinkedIn savvy you are is through the addition of applications to your profile. Adding in applications for your WordPress blog, or Tweets can give a more personalized feel to your LinkedIn profile. Also make the time to join different groups while frequently asking and replying to questions.

 With so many business professionals actively using this popular site, LinkedIn is the ideal social media site to completely cater to your career. If you haven’t created one yet, go to, and you can also read more about this topic by clicking on this link.