Hidden Career Gems in 2013

Whatever field you choose to go into, it is always nice to hear about jobs within that field that are often overlooked. For example, maybe you have always known you want to get into healthcare, but never even thought about being an Orthodontist or Audiologist.  An article by Dr. Marty Nemko goes through the top 10 “Hidden-Gem” careers from 2013. For varying reasons these jobs are now thriving, and should not be overlooked!

1. Orthodontist

Why? As bad as this may sound, patients have to keep coming back to you for years to seek your services! Yet this provides great opportunities for you to create a great relationship with your patients. If you are interested in working in health care, this may be a career to consider.

Perk!  Salary! Average pay is around $200,000…. Just enough to cover all of the school  loans. Keep in mind that you must first complete dental school, and then orthodontics   school, and then a residency.

2. Audiologist

Why? People will always be getting older, and with that comes hearing loss. Especially with the age of the baby boomers, this is a great field to get into now.

Perk!  You can be considered a ‘doctor’ with less schooling than an MD! If you have a bachelor’s degree, you typically need 3-4 more years of study to get your Doctor of Audiology degree.

3. Optometrist

Why? Along with losing hearing, loss of eyesight coincides with aging.  You can choose between doing a four-year-post-bachelor’s program or seven-year B.S./O.D. program.

Perk! A great aspect of Optometry is that you are in a career where you are directly helping others each day. From diagnoses to testing to solutions, Optometrists are set with a rewarding job. Along with this, you will also have good work hours. Scheduling is typically Monday through Friday without being on-call.

4. Employee Trainer

Why? Do you love teaching others, but don’t see yourself in a classroom grading papers? This is a great career for people who have specialized in fields relating to technology, communication, or diversity.

Perk! You will have the opportunity to work in education with people who truly care. They aren’t applying for the position because their parents are making them, but because they are genuinely interested in learning.

5. Program Analyst

Why? Well first of all, the article clarifies that their title can include a variety of job tasks. “Anything from a project to reduce AIDS in the Native American population to a program to recycle government desks.”

Perk! Great benefits, holiday time, and job security.

6. Counterterrorism Specialist

Why? Unfortunately, acts of terror are more and more common. People who have cultural competence (especially people familiar with Middle Eastern language) are in high demand.

Perk! Great job security because people interested in this field are hired by the military, FBI, CIA, or other government agencies.

7. Genetic Counselor:

Why? This is a job that helps counsel people who would like to have children, but would like professional advice regarding possible genes that may get passed onto the child. Perfect for someone interested in the sciences, but also likes working closely with people.

Perk! This is a growing career. It is predicted that there will continually be more genetic tests available in the future.

8. International Business Developer

Why? “Economies of regions such as East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa are growing faster than the economy in the United States.” If you are interested in business development and exploring other regions of the world this would be a great career to explore.

Perk! This job has plenty of opportunities for travel while exploring various cultures of the world. 

9. Arts Administrator

Why? What’s that? A successful career in art?! You read correctly. Administrators are needed in museums, theaters, and galleries.

Perk! Have the opportunity to manage, fund raise, and control employment while being surrounded by the arts . Typically only a bachelor’s degree is required for positions in arts administration.

10. Energy Engineer

Why? So many businesses are concerned with being more energy efficient. An Energy Engineer is concerned with“…figuring out how to wring more energy from a gallon of gas…or create and operate safer nuclear plants.” This field in engineering is in high demand in 2013.

Perk! Getting a career in engineering and sustainability will provide you with a well-above-average salary and plenty of opportunities for promotions.