Questions to Ask before Accepting the Job

You got the job! Before immediately calling or emailing to accept your new position, make sure you take some time to evaluate the job and discern how well it will meet your needs. Read on to learn what to ask yourself before taking the offer.

Looking for work is stressful, whether it is a summer job or full-time employment after graduation. The job search process is slow, and often students accept the first decent offer they are given, without first considering if they are making the right decision. Make sure you know what you are expecting from a new job, and if that position fills the requirements. If you feel, after more consideration, that the job is not a good fit, feel free to continue the search. Rather than settling, look for the other opportunities that exist instead.

The biggest question to ask yourself is: what kind of career move is this, long-term or short-term? If it is a short-term career move, make sure you are gaining valuable experience or expanding your network to put yourself in a better position in the future. Furthermore, ask yourself why you are considering a short-term career move, and make sure it is for the right reasons. 

If you decide that this job does offer you potential for a long-term career option, or even if it is short-term with valuable benefits, make sure you will be challenged enough to learn and grow as an employee. Conversely, you also need to ask yourself if you are comfortable and capable to do the assigned duties of your new job. If the position utilizes your talents and skills as well as pushes you to learn new things, chances are that is an excellent job for you to accept. But do not take a job where you feel uncomfortable or unsure about your ability to handle some of the tasks. If you do not fully know the expectations of the role of your new job, you MUST find out before you even think about accepting the position.

Often people do not think of this when first looking for employment, but you have to be aware of the company culture. To be an effective employee, you need to be proud of the company or organization you are working for. Ask yourself if you would be proud to be associated with the brand, product, service, or mission of the new job. If you wouldn't, that is a huge red flag that you should not take that job- never sacrifice your principles to take a job you will hate. 

Socially, you also need to make sure you are happy with your work environment. Do you like the people you have been in contact with? Are you comfortable around your supervisor, and is that person someone you can envision learning from? Make sure the work environment is conducive to your work style- if you will never be able to get work done in the office, that is a major problem that should be addressed.

As a college student, you also need to be aware of the financial aspect of your job prospect. Does the benefits package meet your needs, and will the job provide you with a liveable wage? You also need to look at the transportation aspect, ensuring that the commute is not too far. 

If you are still positive you want to accept the job, ask yourself a few more questions to be sure. Will your work feel professionally satisfying? Does the job give you opportunity for growth and success? And lastly, are there any potential problems you can foresee arising through acceptance of this job? Brainstorm how to solve those problems before formally accepting.