Careers in Social Media

Caution: I’m about to ‘geek out’ a little here with a post that is all about careers in social media.  As a communication studies major, I love social media. This January, I took part in a social media internship that allowed me to manage the various social media accounts for a small business. I was so excited about my work each day which has lead me to think that I would like to pursue a career in social media in the future.

In this day and age, almost every well-established company has some sort of online component whether that involves a website, blog, or social media account. In this field, the recent boom in job opportunities makes social media a great career choice. Really, these simple and user-friendly sites play a huge role in boosting a business’s social presence.

 A USA Today article featured Hayley Saltzman who is the social media editor for Seventeen Magazine. Saltzman’s job involves managing the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest accounts day-in and day-out. Though this may seem like something you do yourself each day, what Saltzman chooses to display on these sites reflects the values and concerns of the entire company. She is responsible for building content which means writing blog posts and posting contests and surveys that invite viewers to participate.  Saltzman also sends a tweet out to all of Seventeen’s followers every hour of the day and anywhere from 4-6 Facebook posts a day. Along with these responsibilities, Saltzman is in charge of planning future strategies to get even more “buzz” about the magazine.

Collectively, Saltzman’s daily tasks are all done in attempt to create a uniform social media ‘brand’ for Seventeen. Every little photo, tweet, or Facebook post is representing the company and hoping to capture the audience’s attention.

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