Using Facebook to Land a Job

Well if you haven’t heard about this yet, employers do look at potential employee’s Facebook profiles. If you have been smart about what you have been posting on this social networking site in the past, this shouldn’t be a big issue. If you haven’t been, this may explain why you haven’t gotten the job offer yet. Taking a look at someone’s profile can give plenty of information about their personality type and potential work ethic.Here are some tips on how to make your Facebook page showcase your qualifications.

According to the article, How to Shape Your Facebook Profile to Help You Land a Job by Dan Schawbel, “Employers see Facebook as a place where they can weed out candidates from their pool of thousands of resumes. Unfortunately for job seekers, there’s no second chance to make a first impression.” Instead of trying to hide your profile by creating a different name or removing some questionable pictures, I will give you some steps to make your profile as asset in your job search process.

Step One: Create a profile. This may not be relevant to most people because they already have an account, but if not-sign up! Make yourself appear social and proficient in navigating social media sites. Schawbel states, “If you don’t have an account, or if the profile is half-complete or barely used, the searcher may wonder whether you have something to hide or you’re completely behind the times.”

Step Two: Make sure your personality is reflected in your profile (but in a good way). Let’s say that you are an upbeat person sometimes, but extremely moody other times. You may want to refrain from showing your emotional instability by posting complaints or rants. Post news articles that you enjoyed and comment thoughtfully on them, or share good books that you find interesting. This can reflect your interests, and give an employer a better idea of who you are.

Step Three: Make sure your privacy settings only allow people to see what you want them to see. Select the option to “limit the audience for past posts” in your settings. The last thing you want is for employers to be looking at pictures or status updates from years ago. If you had a Facebook account in your Middle School years, you know what I mean! You can also control your “tag review” options which give you the option to approve a picture or post before it gets put onto your timeline.

Step Four: Use the Facebook applications to your advantage. Install an app that posts stories from your favorite news organization, or a map that shows all the places you’ve traveled to. Schawbel also advices, “…share professional related content found on blogs and traditional media outlets, inspirational quotes from business leaders, and surprising facts.” Basically just make sure you come across like a well-educated person who is conscious of how they are being portrayed on the internet.