"Work Your Way Around the World": A Review

As graduation approaches, the most common question for college seniors is: What are you going to do next? For many, the answer involves a job in their field of study or going on to graduate school. However, for some, that question is a difficult one to answer. The book, " Work Your Way Around the World" By Susan Griffith, explores opportunities abroad that the undecided could pursue post graduation.

Described as "the globetrotter's Bible", Griffith's book has sections on travel preparation, the various industries to work in, information on employment in over 20 countries, and personal accounts from people who have worked and traveled in those areas. These personal accounts explain the good, the bad, and the ugly of working abroad, providing readers with a realistic idea of what to expect.  This book is really geared for the adventurer, hitch hiker type, as many of the jobs are not very glamorous and are for the sole purpose of getting a little extra travel money. However, the book does offer good ideas of ways to find employment quickly and what skills will set you apart.

Another thing to take into consideration before picking up this book is the fact that it is written by someone from the United Kingdom. All of the advice is still useful but that does mean that all financial information provided is in Pounds or Sterling. Readers from other countries, such as the United States may find the constant converting of currency tiresome, while reading this book.

Griffith also discusses how useful being a citizen of the European Union can be when seeking employment abroad.  This again is an issue for any American readers, as that tidbit of information is rather discouraging.  The book seems to indicate that it will be more difficult to find a job in a Europe without the EU citizenship.

Those aspects aside, the information in the book is quite useful to anyone planning to venture abroad.  Griffith's section on transportation is very informative on the best ways to save money and when is the best time to travel.  Through the personal accounts, readers also gain the inside scoop on what methods work to get what job, when it is best to apply, and  what to look out for. Though perhaps not the most relevant book to American readers, there is still plenty to be gained from its pages. 

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