Join the Job Hunt...On Your Phone

Have you succumbed to the smartphone lifestyle yet? If you haven’t already, chances are you will soon, or have another way of accessing applications for your electronic devices. Today, there are apps for everything. If you are too lazy to go check the weather, there’s an app for that. If you want to know how bad traffic is, there’s an app for that. And if you want to order a pizza without even picking up the phone, well, there’s an app for that.  Job hunting is no exception. Heather Huhman, a Public Relations Consultant, goes over six of the most popular mobile apps for job seekers in her article, 6 Mobile Apps for Your Job Hunt. 77% of job seekers have already downloaded these apps, and found them to be helpful. Hey, if you are able to network or feel a little more confident about an interview, your time was not wasted!

1.       LunchMeet: This app is a way to network with other business contacts over a delicious lunch-time meal.   In order for the app to work, you need to also have a LinkedIn account. Then the service will connect you with other people who are open to networking and are looking to expand their business group. This could lead to a new job lead, or even just a good mentor in your career field.

2.       Interview Prep Questions: The title says it all. This app compiles some potential interview questions so that you feel a little more confident when interview-time comes. If that’s not enough, the program even gives you suggested answers that you can personalize for your own use.

3.       SparkHire: This program is a video resume, interviewing, and job board site that allows employers to present interview questions, and receive answers over video responses. The videos presented by job seekers can be viewed by any employer, so your responses can help you network with many businesses in your field.

4.       Pocket Resume: This app is for any job seeker who has just received news of a new job opening, but doesn't have time to modify their resume to the position. The app takes all your new information from your LinkedIn profile, and allows you to store your updated resume on your phone.

5.       Jobs You’ll Love: This handy app takes your job preferences (location, field, and qualifications) and continually lists jobs that match your interests. The app allows you to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to the job listings so it can modify the job board to your needs.

6.       JobJuice: This app helps people use social media sites to build their personal brand, research, and reach out to hiring businesses. The advice given through this app allows job seekers to get advice on how to get the most out of social media sites during the job hunting process.