The Liberal Arts Advantage-Job Search 101

Part two in my process of reading Gregory Giangrande’s book, The Liberal Arts Advantage, includes the topics of networking and resumes in a job search process. Initially, these seem like fairly general topics, but Gregory emphasizes how liberal arts graduates can use their education to their advantage within both of these topics. When employers are getting to know you as a potential employee, the wide range of studies through your liberal arts education makes you stand out from the other candidates.

I enjoyed reading about what Giangrande said when it comes to networking in your job search process; “As a liberal arts graduate, the breadth of your studies has prepared you not only with broad knowledge but also with the critical interpersonal skills you need to enlist the help of others in your search for a job.” Networking really comes down to having good interpersonal skills.  If you make a good impression on one employer, your chances of being introduced to related employers will grow significantly.

The next big topic is resumes. Instead of going into an in-depth explanation of what to include and how to format your resume, I’m going to focus on how to show off your liberal arts education. If you are looking for some detailed explanations of how to create your resume, come to the Luther College Career Center! We have lots of staff members, career assistants (myself included), and text resources to help you out.

In his book, The Liberal Arts Advantage, Gregory give some valuable advice to liberal arts students looking to incorporate their range of studies into their resume, “Employers are not looking for specific majors…They’re looking at the scope of your accomplishments, activities, experience, and skills. They are looking for dimension and character.” Organize and prioritize all your experiences in such a way that the employer will focus on the most important things. Don’t make them search through your resume like a maze looking for impressive information. As a student at a liberal arts school, you have worked extremely hard for your education. Your experiences will speak for themselves; all you need to do is be confident in all you have accomplished, and reflect that onto an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.