Double Checking--Proofreading Your Resume

When an employer receives a resume they are going to take a very short time to look at it to see if anything catches their eye.  This can either be in your favor, or can automatically eliminate you from the running for the job.  Proofreading your resume and having other people proofread it as well can be the difference between whether or not you get that first interview.

Time after time potential candidates have their resumes thrown out because of misspellings or other grammatical errors.   A simple spell and grammar check is not enough when looking at a resume.  The words must be thoroughly studied and scrutinized to make sure that you sound professional and are saying the things that you actually want to say.   Word choice is key as well.  If your statements do not sound coherent or intelligent it will decrease your chance of being selected for an interview. 

When writing a resume it is very helpful to have a friend or colleague who is attentive to detail review your resume.  An English major or someone at the Career Center would also be a good option.  Ask your proof reader to be candid about errors, because a better resume leads to better job opportunities. 

With the power that resumes have, it is very important that yours is as professional and impressive as it can be.  Having someone else look at your resume and proofreading it yourself are very important steps in this editing process.  Good luck with your resume editing!