The Liberal Arts Advantage-Back to the Basics

Do you ever second guess the advantages of getting a liberal arts degree? Gregory Giangrande’s book entitled The Liberal Arts Advantage,  gives an in depth look into just how impressive a liberal arts education can look to employers.  Employers are continually looking for workers who are able to see the ‘big picture’ and are well-educated in multiple fields of study. Throughout my process of reading this book I will incorporate into my blogs topics that Giangrande highlights. Hopefully you will feel more confident about your preparation for the corporate world coming from a liberal arts school. 

The first part of this book emphasizes how important your education is to landing a job. It isn’t all about how you look and act, but about how well-rounded of a person you are. Gregory states, “Your liberal arts degree is your advantage. You are prepared. Trust that your individuality will come through without gimmicks. Make it easy for the employer, who will appreciate and hire you for it.” Yet, he doesn’t want you to get too confident either!

Be sure to take advantage of your time at school, and constantly thinking of how to apply the resources and classes available to your future endeavors.  Make it a priority to take a business or public speaking class even if it isn’t required. Get a temporary job in an office setting so that you have experience doing office-related tasks. Don’t be afraid to visit your career center (we’re super friendly!) and explore different career paths.  These are all important things to keep in mind so that you become a well-rounded individual.

Besides all the academic and extra-curricular activities, Giangrande stresses how important it is to “do what you are”. By this he means to follow a career path that suits you in every way possible. You have four years (typically) at school to pack in as many experiences as you can. Make them worthwhile and meaningful! Throughout these experiences, you will continue to find out more about yourself and how you fit into a career path.