Positivity in the Workplace

An important attribute that tends to be under-utilized within the work place is positivity.  Positivity is an element that can be implemented or initiated by any person of any position within a company.  It can be expressed through attitudes as well as actions.  Positivity from management leads to happier employees, which leads to better output. When it is present, within a job or work place, everyone reaps the rewards.

In researching positivity in the workplace, I came across a Twitter feed titled, #POSITIVITY at WORK.  These tweets were created by S. Chris Edmonds, a speaker, author, and senior consultant with Ken Blanchard Companies, and Lisa Zigarmi, a lead client service partner with Ken Blanchard Companies. Both have worked together to keep the Twitter feed running as well as compiling a book out of some of their tweets.  The book is called, #POSITIVITY at WORK 
tweet Book: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Help You Create a Positive Organization Where Employees Thrive
.  In the book, Edmonds and Zigarmi address ways in which to enhance workplace attitude from both a management perspective and an employee perspective.                     

A recurring theme within the book and the Twitter feed is the importance of work environment.  Edmonds and Zigarmi point out that often times an employee spends more time at work with co-workers than they do with their family and friends during the week.  For that time to be spent effectively and enjoyably the work environment needs to be comfortable and supportive to the employees.  Employees should feel valued and as though they are able to share their own ideas for the company.

A second focus was the idea of attitude.  Both employers and employees can work to make sure that they are presenting a polite and enthusiastic outlook.  This will motivate others around them to act the same.  By making the decision to be positive about work, a person is making a decision that causes them to be a more effective employee and to be happier in their job. Similarly, a positive boss will lead to having employees who are more willing to work to please and to accomplish their responsibilities.  Positivity, once implemented within the workplace can spread throughout and result in wonderful consequences.

Positivity is important and beneficial in all aspects of life so it only makes sense that it would be helpful in the workplace. 

For more information check out Edmonds and Zigarmi’s website here.