A Simple Thank You

After interviewing with a potential employer one must realize that the interview isn't truly over.  The last part of the process should be the sending of a thank you note. This note can be used as both a true sign of thanks to an employer for the time spent giving you the opportunity to interview, as well as a subtle way to highlight some of your best qualities regarding the position at hand.

A thank you note shows an employer a few different things.  First and foremost, it shows that you really do appreciate the time and effort made by the employer to interview you for the position.  The note  shows that you are a mature and polite person--someone that the employer would want in their workplace.   It also shows the employer that you are serious about this position and you really do want to work for their company.  If an employer is making a tough decision between you and another candidate, a thank you note could be the deciding factor. 

One study suggested that up to 85% of employers think that receiving a thank you note is important in a candidates application process.  Some employers go as far as saying that they will not hire someone who does not send a thank you note.  Not all employers rule out candidates who do not send thank you notes, but why take the chance if a thank you note can close the deal?