Acing the Interview- A Book Review

Worried about that interview you have coming up? Thinking about the future gives you butterflies in your stomach? Make sure you are prepared for any opportunity by checking out the literature available in the Career Center. For those who have an upcoming interview, try reading Acing the Interview, available in the Career Center library. As a senior with several interviews scheduled and many more to come, I found it helpful to not only have a practice interview, but also read a book about the interview process.

One of the most helpful things when going into an interview is making sure you show enthusiasm for the job opportunity. Whether it is an in-person interview or on the phone, candidates who do not show enthusiasm and excitement lose credibility. Knowing the basic information of the company you are interviewing with is another key element to an interview. Having background information is imperative to doing well on the interview process.

Perhaps the most important aspect of an interview is showing how you can help your employer. Carefully read the job description to know what type of candidate the interviewer is looking for. Use key words to highlight your skills and how they will assist the company. In an interview, you will be talking about yourself, but make sure to talk about yourself in a way that shows how you can be an asset if you are hired. 

Acing the Interview is a valuable book to read before any interview, and gives many important tips as to how to prepare. For those short on time, remember these four key points:

1. Show your enthusiasm for the opportunity.

2. Be polite and professional. 

3. Know the company and background information.

4. Highlight how you as a candidate would be an asset to the company. 

 If you have more time, read Acing the Interview to get a better idea of what interviewers look for in a candidate, or schedule a mock interview in the Career Center.