Beginning CareerConnection

CareerConnection is one of the best resources available through the Career Center. Similar to LinkedIn, CareerConnection is an online resource to help future Luther graduates connect with potential employers. The helpful thing with CareerConnection is that it is set up specifically through the Luther Career Center for employers seeking Luther students. I have found CareerConnection easy to use and a great resource.

One of my favorite things about CareerConnection is how easy it is for Luther students to use. In my opinion, LinkedIn seems more like a Facebook for professionals, where you connect with people you know and it can become more like a social media tool than a networking experience. CareerConnection is simple, straight to the point, and has a lot of really useful tools. For people that struggle to find time to come to the Career Center during regular business hours, the Resume Builder on the site is a great resource to start working on building a better resume.

CareerConnection is also a really good way to introduce future graduates to the world of job searching. It is extremely difficult for students to suddenly find themselves in the job market after years of school. While some students use other online career sites, the reputation of CareerConnection is much higher than other independent sites. The fact that it is through Luther makes the site more reputable and easier to trust.

 CareerConnection has helped me to get on the right track for looking ahead to my future plans. Knowing that I have a source to look for jobs that would be the right fit for my skills makes me feel more secure about my future. Since I am still in school, sometimes it can be difficult to also be actively searching for a job at the same time. I really like CareerConnection because it lets me have my information available to potential employers without the added stress of entering the job market at the same time as I am graduating. It is early in the year, but I feel confident that CareerConnection will help me in my future plans after graduation.  I have a LinkedIn profile as well, but I feel that CareerConnection will really be the stepping point to finding a job that is a good fit for my skill set.