"What Can You Do with a Major in Education?"

Selecting a major is the first big decision that one has to make as a student at an undergraduate college. Selecting a career path is a major decision to make at any point in your life! If you think that you have the skills required to succeed as an education major, it may be time to start thinking about all of the possible career paths that you could take in this field. "What Can You Do with a Major in Education?," written by Jennifer A. Horowitz and Bruce Walker, is a book found in the Resource Library at the Career Center which discusses skills, career possibilities, graduate school and case studies from those who have pursued Education as a field of study.

This first chapter in this book is titled, "Majoring in Education." This chapter discusses the requirements that you may find to be a part of most undergraduate programs. Some of these requirements include introductory courses and education courses focused on curriculum development and techniques for teaching various subject areas and age groups. Other courses outside of the education major that may be helpful for educators include psychology, sociology, health and economics courses. This chapter continues with a discussion of student teaching, fieldwork experiences and skills required to succeed in the major.  

If you are in the earlier stages of your journey at Luther, you may find Chapter 3 useful. This chapter is titled, "Making the Most of Your Time at College." One of the topics within this chapter discusses ways that you can "give yourself a competitive edge." This section lists various experiences that you may choose to become involved with during your time as an undergraduate student to make yourself more marketable. This chapter continues with a discussion of the importance of joining clubs, setting up your own internship and tips to make the most of your student teaching experience.

If you are pursuing the education field or have interest in this area of study, come up to the Career Center (2nd floor in the Union) and check out this book from the Resource Library. There are many different types of books that may fit your needs- stop up today!