"Cross-Cultural Solutions"- Your International Volunteer Opportunity

Most students are familiar with major volunteer organizations such as PeaceCorps or Americorps, but many go unseen or unheard of! Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) is an organization with intern and volunteer opportunities. There are twelve countries to choose from and many different areas of interest to work with. Volunteer placements include caring for and teaching children with disabilities, observing and assisting health professionals and working with people affected by HIV/AIDS. Placements can last anywhere from 1-12 weeks of time. The assigned fee for each programs includes CCS home-base lodging, all meals and safe drinking water, in-country ground transportation, travel medical services and other services. These programs give volunteers the chance to experience personal reflection, gain beneficial skills that can be used in a career and experience a once in a lifetime adventure that can be life-changing. Visit crossculturalsolutions.org for more detailed information. Stop in the Career Center and check out "Verge Magazine" to get filled in on endless volunteer, teaching and adventure opportunities that can change your life!