Credit Report and Your Career

I think I can speak for most college students when I say the majority of my knowledge about the importance of a strong credit report comes from a variety of clever commercials involving a singing pirate and a long-haired fellow living in his mom’s basement. It had never crossed my mind that, in addition to my buying power, credit reports can negatively impact my career plans as well.

 The Wall Street Journal article Titled “Bad Credit Derails Jobseekers” begins with companies that check credit reports of applicants for financially responsible positions. This makes sense; if someone can’t manage their own money I would prefer they not manage a business’s books. That said, I was shocked to read the following paragraph:

The Pittsburgh wealth-management firm had its first encounter with a candidate's poor credit last year, she says. A college student applying for a summer internship had a history of unpaid bills and bounced checks. The firm decided to bypass the candidate. If he had been a candidate for a full-time position, "we may have spent more time and energy" examining the circumstances, Ms. Pearson says.

Knowing that an otherwise worthy intern candidate was turned away because of his credit motivated me to share this information with the Luther community. The article suggests a good first step is to look at your credit report yourself. They recommend Equifax, Experian and TransUnion—through If your credit score is less than ideal I also found an article specific to raising your credit score during college found at: