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Thank you, Luther College!

A Thank You to the Luther College Career Center

As graduation pulls closer and closer I must face a lot of ‘lasts’:  my last undergraduate class, my last final exam, my last time eating in the cafeteria, and my last blog post as a Career Assistant.  All of these ‘final’ activities (some big, some small) have made me reflect on my past four years at Luther and the wonderful memories I have made, And for that I would like to say thank you.

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Summer Career Checklist

Even if you have a summer job, internship, or are taking a college course this summer, you will probably have plenty of free time. But if these lazy summer days come around and you feel like you need to do something productive, it’s a great time to check some career-related items off your list.

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Job Follow Up

Following up on job application

Following up on a job applicaiton can be frustrating and discouraging. Here are tips to make the process a bit smoother for you. Be polite, be persistent (but not overly so), be direct, and stand out

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Coping with Stress

It is undoubtedly the season for stress if you’re a college student. Finals are coming up, you’re preparing for summer plans, and trying to wrap up the year as smoothly as possible.  Read on to learn the myths and facts about stress, so you can better manage all your work.

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Taming the Networking Beast

Networking can be a very difficult process. It can be especially so if you aren't the most social person. Thankfully, there are thought processes you can use to help make networking quite a bit easier.

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A Step by Step Approach to Resume Writing

Summer jobs, full-time employment, internships, requests for recommendation letters, and graduate school applications are all activities that generally require the submission of a resume.  With the prevalence of resume requirements it makes sense that particularly in college, people begin developing their resume. To first time resume writers the task can be quite daunting. There are several steps that can make the process easier.

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