Credential Files

Effective January 1, 2009, the Luther College Career Center ended its credential file service. Luther alumni who had a credential file were contacted (via mail) during the summer of 2008 regarding their options as well as the college's timeline. Alumni who had "open" or "non-confidential" files or letters could have had these documents mailed to them directly. Alumni who had "closed" or "confidential" files or letters had two options: a) have a written release sent to the Career Center from the reference writer stating the writer's consent to have the document released to the alumni; or b) establish an account with Interfolio, Inc. to which confidential documents may be sent.  Remaining credential files were confidentially destroyed in January 2009.  Student transcripts and student teaching evaluations are held in perpetuity.  If you need copies, please contact the Registrar's Office

Current elementary/secondary education students:

It is customary for students job searching for an elementary, middle school, or secondary teaching position to supply a credential file as part of the application process, which accompanies your cover letter (or letter of application) and resume. This self-managed credential file (that is, maintained by you) may contain copies of: letters of reference, teaching evaluations, transcripts, and any other documentation that is both relevant to the position and supportive of your candidacy. Historically, colleges maintained these files for students. However, changes in technology and the job market have eliminated this need.

Student teaching evaluations are documents completed by cooperating teachers and supervisors regarding the student teaching experience. These documents originate from the Education Department. Upon your request, the Education Department will release a copy of these evaluations to you.

Individuals wishing to establish a confidential credential file:

Students and alumni who are interested in establishing a credential file that is confidential (that is, it contains letters of recommendation that you cannot view) can do so through Interfolio, Inc., an external service provider with whom the Luther College Career Center has established a relationship. There are nominal fees associated with establishing a file and for mailing your credentials to K-12 schools, graduate programs, or any other audience.


Beginning in May 2008, individuals requesting to have their credentials sent to prospective employers were asked to begin the process of either self-managing their file or transferring their confidential materials to Interfolio, Inc.

No mailing requests of the Luther-managed credentials will be processed after December 1, 2008.