Internship Stories

Emma Schlabach

Emma Schlabach '19 and supervisor Kara Maloney '16 at Lanesboro Arts.When: January 2017
Where: Lanesboro Arts in Lanesboro, MN
Major: English

In January, Emma worked as an administrative intern at Lanesboro Arts. During her internship she reorganized the office filing system, helped maintain the website, wrote press releases, scheduled posts on social media, aided in grant writing, and helped install the Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit. One of her projects was writing content for the website on the history of the organization. This involved interviewing staff as well as reading through old newspaper articles. An important skill Emma learned through this process was how to communicate in a variety of mediums, with an emphasis on clarity. Another rewarding part of her internship was working with so many great people, particularly alumna Kara Maloney ’16. Kara was Emma’s supervisor for this internship, and served as a supportive mentor. Lanesboro is a small, tight-knit community, so Emma was able to make many other wonderful connections. This experience shaped her post-graduation ambitions.

Belal Krayem

Belal Krayem When: January 2016
Where: DECO Products, Decorah, IA
Majors: Accounting, Data Science

In January, Belal interned at DECO Products, a company that specializes in zinc die casting. As a data analyst, he gathered sales department data from previous years and filtered, organized, and visualized the data sets using Excel and other programs. He was exposed to different working environments by touring the plant and the manufacturing area to understand the data better. Belal improved his multitasking and interpersonal communication skills by working on many different projects. In addition to the unlimited access to free coffee, he enjoyed getting off campus and getting a taste of the real world. He found that interpreting big data into graphs and simple terms for managers is incredibly important. Because of this, he is extremely excited about the high demand of his newly-added Data Science major. Belal believes he personally grew through this experience and feels more prepared for life after graduation.

Emily Schroeder

Emily Schroeder '17 When: Summer 2016
Where: University of Newcastle - Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition, Newcastle, Australia
Majors: Exercise Physiology, Psychology

Over the summer, Emily traveled to the University of Newcastle in Newcastle, Australia. She worked as a research intern at their Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition. Her research projects targeted nutrition, weight loss programs and management, and physical therapy. Emily learned skills such as the logistics of conducting wellness research on human subjects. She was also taught how to perform exercise tests. Over the course of her internship, Emily loved working with a physiotherapist the most. She researched methods that increase limb functionality in patients who have suffered strokes. Her experiences helped solidify her plans to be a physical therapist in the future.

Allie Martin

Allie Martin

When: Summer 2016
Where: CliftonLarsonAllen, Minneapolis, MN
Major: Accounting and Political Science

Allie was an intern in CliftonLarsonAllen's (CLA) Public Sector Group doing audit and tax work for various clients including charter schools, non-profit organizations, churches, and colleges. She gained many practical auditing skills and learned how to work in a team in a professional environment. Allie found that she enjoys auditing because it is like telling a story. And by becoming familiar with the client's financial information, she is able to understand her clients better and uncover pieces of their stories. It was especially rewarding to find meaning in what she was doing through understanding the mission of the various organizations she was working with. Allie enjoyed working for CLA because she was able to use her accounting skills but also find a purpose in what she was doing through her clients, which is something she will need to feel fulfilled in a job.

Megan McCready

Megan McCready

When: Summer 2016
Where: RSM US LLP, Minneapolis, MN
Major: Accounting and Economics

Megan was an audit intern on the commercial team for RSM US LLP. Each week she was assigned to a different client to perform an audit procedure on employee benefit plans. She acquired communication skills through her interaction with both client contacts and teams on each of her engagements. She learned how important time management was when juggling multiple clients at the same time. Megan enjoyed using the skills she learned from her classes and feels that Luther sets its students up for success. The accounting field is demanding and ever-changing, and she is fascinated by the fast-paced environment. Through her experience with RSM, she gained a deeper understanding of herself and the career she is looking for.

Brooke Stauffer

Brooke Stauffer (right)

When: Summer 2016
Where: Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA
Major: Accounting and Management

Brooke interned at Rockwell Collins, a company that designs, produces, and supports innovative solutions for customers in aerospace and defense. Her main project was to make a dynamic calendar for the Annual Operating Plan using Excel Macros and writing basic code to create the calendar that recognizes dates and deadlines. The project allowed her to gain insight into the entire operating plan at Rockwell Collins, and how each department depends on others to run smoothly. She was also able to job shadowmany different positions. She realized that an accounting major would enable her to have many career options, even within the same company. Brooke learned how important communication is in the workplace, and if you aren’t sure about something, it is perfectly fine to ask questions!

Brody Vogel

Internship Story- Brody VogelWhen: Summer 2016
Where: Project C.U.R.E., Denver, CO
Major: Statistics and Philosophy

Brody was the personal intern for Project C.U.R.E.’s head of IT and Data Management. He used his skills to improve the organization’s volunteer database with HTML. He developed a digital newsletter, cleaned up their Customer Relationship Management, and compile a monthly marketing analytics report. Going forward, Brody continues to produce a bi-monthly statistical analysis of Project C.U.R.E.'s requests for and shipments of medical supplies. He learned a lot about the small margins of non-profit organization works under. Brody gained a clear view of his hopes for the future and respect for people working in the non-profit industry.

Allison Meier 

Allison Meier at her internship at Brain Injury Alliance in Iowa City.

When: Summer 2016
Where: Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa, Iowa City
Major: Psychology, with Health and Fitness Promotion minors

Over the summer, Allison had an internship at the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa in Iowa City, which allowed her to learn more about brain injuries, writing monthly newsletters, and interviewed survivors. The biggest project she worked on is a Comfort Kit for families who have a loved one in a trauma room. Allison learned how to act professionally  when talking to others as well as keep people calm. She learned organizational skills as well as ask questions when she needed help. The most rewarding part of her internship was knowing she made a difference in someone’s life everyday. This internship strengthened Allison’s passion for psychology and she feels ready to face the world.

Anna Phearman

Anna Phearman at PACER Center for her Internship.When: Summer 2016
PACER Center, Bloomington, Minnesota

Political Science and Communications

Anna worked this summer at the PACER Center, a group who advocates for children with disabilities. She wrote articles that will be featured in PACER's bullying prevention materials, completed policy research on harassment laws nationwide, helped design bullying prevention videos, and learned how to redesign blogs. Anna saw the impact of her work through the PACER around the nation, especially with people with disabilities. She realized her passion for advocacy and how fulfilling nonprofit work can be. Anna is excited to say it opened her eyes to the vast world of the nonprofit industry and how valuable they can be for the world.

Sidney Larsen

Sidney Larsen with her dental associates. When: Summer 2016
Where: Cabinet Dentaire SOS Dentiste in Lome, Togo

Major: French

Sidney spent her summer in Togo, interning as a dental assistant. Her duties involved general daily procedures such as teeth cleanings, and she even got to occasionally pull teeth and administer anesthesia. Throughout the process, Sidney learned the tools of the dental trade—including the French names for dental instruments, as much of her internship was in French! The experience was most rewarding when dentists began relying on her to assist them without instruction. Sidney now hopes to move to Togo upon graduation from dental school.

Linnea Kephart

Internship picture of Linnea Kephart at Vesterheim. When: Summer 2016
Where: The Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum
Major: Music and Nordic Studies

Linnea spent her summer at Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum working as the assistant to the head of the folk art classes. She helped manage classrooms and various projects such as making posters and translating Norwegian books. Vesterheim does a wonderful job educating Scandinavian trades by teaching classes such as rosemaling, wood carving, and Norwegian baking. Linnea quickly learned from the internship that little things matter, and how communication skills play a huge role in a successful organization. She loved that she gained hands-on experience with Norwegian traditions and learning more about her passion for Nordic Studies. Linnea is excited to pursue her career interest in these traditions by researching and keeping Norwegian traditions alive. 

Jane Peña 

When: SummeLuther student Jane Peña completed an internship with the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota during summer 2016.r 2016
Where: Playwrights’ Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Major: English

Jane spent this past summer working as an artistic intern for the Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The nonprofit organization helps playwrights around the country develop new projects by hosting workshops, seminars, master classes, and providing other writing resources. Jane’s main duties included stage managing and researching playwriting opportunities for the Center to promote to its members. Through this experience, Jane gained experience in management and organization, as well as familiarity with the collaborative writing process. She felt that the opportunity to witness the creation of art and process of artistic discovery firsthand was especially rewarding. Jane enjoyed spending every day among people who are even more passionate about theatre than she is, and seeing new stories and ideas take shape. Working at the Playwrights’ Center helped Jane discover that there is an abundance of unique ways she could use her major beyond just teaching or writing, all of which would allow her to continue expressing her creativity and contributing to the world artistically.

Samantha Phillips

Samantha Phillips '17 at her internship.When: Summer 2016
Where: Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura, Viña del Mar, Chile
Majors: Spanish and Elementary Education

Samantha spent her summer teaching English as a second language to native Spanish-speaking Chileans at various ages and ability levels. Tasks ranged from simply assisting with basic pronunciation to creating and executing entire English lessons for middle school students. Along the way, Samantha improved her Spanish skills while also learning about the intricacies of teaching her own language, English, as a native speaker. Because of this experience, she is strongly considering teaching Spanish, instead of her originally-intended English as a Second Language aspirations.

Jordan Boge

Jordan BogeWhen: Summer 2016
Where: Connection Events, Montréal, Canada
Major: Communication Studies, French

Over the summer, Jordan had the opportunity to intern at Connection Events in Montréal, Canada that organizes international business conferences related to visual effects, animation, and gaming. He was able to talk with and get advice from some of the top animation and visual effects artists in the world. Jordan’s language proficiency grew, as his entire internship was in French. Language barrier aside, he loved the city of Montréal and made valuable connections he will use after Luther. Jordan’s dream has always been to work in the animation industry, and after this internship, he is even more motivated to achieve his goal of working at Pixar!

Alex Aakre

Alex Aakre completed an internship with Folklore Village during the summer of 2016.

When: August 2016
Where: Folklore Village, Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Major: History and Nordic Studies

Alex completed an internship at Folklore Village during the summer after his first year. Most of his time was spent assisting in the reconstruction and restoration of the 1848 Aslak Lie Log House. Through this experience, Alex gained a better understanding of the life of Norwegian immigrant Aslak Lie and Norwegian culture. He was also able to practice his Norwegian, as they frequently spoke the language on the work site. Alex found that his work was an intriguing way to be tangibly exposed to history, and that it made history interesting and accessible--something he thinks is important to the survival and expansion of the field. He was challenged to think about history beyond the context of textual evidence, using physical evidence to learn more about Aslak Lie. Alex’s work also put his understanding of Norwegian culture to the test. In addition to completing this internship, Alex contributed to summer research with the Nordic Studies program on Norwegian social, political, and religious life in the 1830s. Working with Folklore Village allowed Alex to contextualize what he’d learned in his history and Nordic studies classes and gain a better understanding of Norwegian culture in the 1800s.

Elizabeth Stay

Elizabeth StayWhen: Spring 2016
Where: Susan Davis International, Washington, D.C.
Major: Communication Studies

Elizabeth spent a semester at Susan Davis International in Washington, D.C. As a public relations intern, she helped draft press releases and brainstorm public relation plan ideas, among other tasks. To complete these tasks, Elizabeth found that many skills such as interpersonal communication and articulate writing were essential to her internship. Elizabeth was able to use the skills she learned in her classes at Luther to help her succeed. One of the most important skills she developed was how to accept and grow from her flaws. Despite the challenges she faced, Elizabeth was able to embrace and overcome them. Most rewarding to Elizabeth was how much she had grown over the course of the semester. This growth mindset is what she will continue to apply towards her career field.

Miranda Joslin

Photo for Miranda Joslin's internship story.When: Spring 2016 
Where: The Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum 
Major: Art with minors in Spanish and Museum Studies

The Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the immigrant story through their objects, traditions, and artwork. For her internship, Miranda worked with the museum’s Chief Curator to update the Fine Art Collection’s records and gain notoriety for the collection on a national level. Specifically, she worked with the Smithsonian Database of American Painting and Sculpture to get 452 new pieces from 96 different artists registered for public use and study. Not only was it exciting to get to work so closely with the collection pieces (both through their records and physically handling the works), but Miranda enjoyed helping the collection grow and bringing attention to the hidden treasures of this “small-town” museum. 

Emily Alcock

Emily Alcock '17 at her internship at the US-Mexico border.

 When: Summer 2016
Border Angels, San Diego, CA
Spanish, International Studies 

For six weeks over the summer, Emily completed an internship as a community outreach coordinator for Border Angels in San Diego, California. She worked with Luther grad Marlon Henriquez ’15 to facilitate free immigration clinics and lead student groups to the US-Mexico border. Emily also started an initiative to donate leftover school lunches to refugee camps and provided water for migrants in desert areas. Her experience showed her firsthand what difficulties people experience as migrants in that region. Because of her internship in San Diego, Emily feels she has grown as a global citizen and has solidified her plans to become an immigration lawyer.


Meghan Barker

Meghan Barker spent her summer interning with The Wilderness Society in Washington, D.C., learning about environmental policies.When: Summer 2016
Where: The Wilderness Society, Washington, D.C.
Majors: Political Science, Environmental Studies

Over the summer, Meghan interned at The Wilderness Society in Washington, D.C. She attended Congressional hearings and learned about public land policies. One issue she worked on included the maintenance of national parks. This was interesting to Meghan because, the year prior, she had spent the summer of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. She had seen firsthand the impacts of this issue. Being able to examine environmental policies during both experiences helped Meghan understand them better. Washington, D.C. also gave her an alternative perspective from the one she had had while in Alaska. This new framework taught Meghan that it is important to have diverse experiences. Hers have continued to shape her understanding of the work that goes into preserving the environment. Meghan plans on using this knowledge to defend policies that protect public lands.


Steffenee Voigt

Steffenee VoigtWhen: Summer, 2016 
Where: The Porter House Museum 
Major: Art with minors in Education and Museum Studies 

The Porter House Museum preserves and interprets its structures, grounds, and collections to inspire diverse audiences to share in the educational and recreational benefits of learning about Adelbert Field Porter and Grace Young Porter in the context of Winneshiek County history and Mr. Porter’s love of the natural environment. During Steffenee’s internship she worked as a docent giving tours of the museum. In addition, she created various museum education resources for the Porter House such as a worksheet for children and a visual aid demonstrating the butterfly mounting process that Bert Porter would have used. This was an exciting experience that helped Steffenee to develop skills in creating fun and engaging educational resources.

Connor Fleming

Connor FlemingWhen: January 2016
Freeport Police Department, Freeport, IL
Major: Psychology

Connor spent J-Term at the Freeport Police Department learning about the daily lives and duties of police officers. He participated in ride-alongs during both day and night shifts. He also worked with the detectives and drug task force team pursuing individuals using and distributing narcotics, a process that fascinated Connor. During his internship, Connor learned how patience and respect help facilitate positive interactions with the public which improved his communication skills. He also has a better appreciation for the hard work and determination it takes to build cases used in court. Connor felt rewarded by helping people in need and it meant a lot when people appreciated his help. Because of his internship, Connor gained insight into the world of abnormal psychology and saw how much work it takes to be a police officer. Connor feels more confident in his understanding of how a police department operates and will use this in his career search.

Laura Thoms

Laura Thoms '16When: January 2016
Where: Dry Run Studio, Decorah, IA
Major: Theatre

For her internship, Laura participated in meditation and daily discussions with her supervisor. Each day, Laura meditated in a different location on Luther’s campus or around the Decorah area. While at these sites, she would reflect on how ordinary life can be beneficial for creativity. These meditative observations helped her develop a deeper understanding of her own learning process. Through this, Laura was able to refine her creative discussions and process. She also kept a blog, where she was able to track how her ideas grew and became polished. The most rewarding part of the internship was learning how meditation and reflection can heighten creativity. In relation to her theatre major, Laura plans to uses these new tools to further her artistic development.

Rozlyn Paradis

Internship photo for Rozlyn Paradis.When: January 2016
Where: Vine and Branches, Richfield, MN
Major: International Studies

During January, Rozlyn interned at a non-profit thrift store/clothing center where families and individuals can be referred to from social workers, chemical dependency programs, the court system, and other locations, for a one-time appointment. There, each family member receives three outfits - one of them an outfit for interviewing. Daily, Rozlyn would sort donations, price items, arrange the store, input data into the computer system, and work one-on-one with the families and individuals. While doing so, Rozlyn learned how to run a non-profit organization by shadowing Heidi Johnson, manager of the organization. Through this internship, Rozlyn was able to break through language barriers when working with families that were refugees from Nepal, all while solidifying her plan to work in an international non-profit organization. Rozlyn learned that her voice matters even in environments that are brand new.


Abigail Suhr

Abigail with the students of Yaro Dance CompanyWhen: January 2016
Where: Yaro Dance Company, Urbandale, Iowa
Major: Dance, Psychology Minor

Abigail interned with a professional dance company in Urbandale, Iowa. She wanted to learn how a company produces their shows and was glad that one of her duties involved attending board meetings. In these meetings, she learned about choosing dates, venues, and marketing techniques for a season of dance. She also assisted in dance rehearsal. That allowed her to compare Luther’s Movement Fundamentals courses to ballet. Other duties she had included costume upkeep, poster distribution, and being a stagehand during performance. The most rewarding part of her internship was when she saw her name in a program and knew she had done her part to earn it. Abigail’s internship taught her that she wants to be more confident in sharing her ideas because dance is a collaborative art form.

Kyla Grau

Kyla Grau poses at the Eiffel TowerWhen: January 2016
Where: Le Grand Théâtre de Tours, Tours, France
Majors: Music, French

Kyla spent the month of January at an opera house in France: the perfect setting for a music and French major. During this time, she was able to work with stage managers, technicians, and performers. Since she collaborated with so many people, Kyla found that communication skills were very important. She was surprised by how comfortable she became with French after hearing and speaking it all day. By the end of the internship, she felt confident in the language and was able to take the initiative necessary to be a successful employee. The most rewarding part of working at an opera house was opening night, when Kyla was given the best seat in the house and finally got to see her hard work and passions for French and music come to life.

Kara Maloney

Kara at her internship at Springboard for the ArtsWhen: January 2016
 Springboard for the Arts, Saint Paul, MN
Majors: Art, Management

The Springboard for the Art's goal is to “cultivate vibrant communities by connecting artists with the resources they need to make a living and a life.” Kara interned specifically in the art resource center which provides materials to individual artists and small organizations. She learned how to do business tasks such as scanning, faxing, checking out books, and printing with different copy machines. These all improved Kara’s communication, technology, and problem-solving skills. This internship also gave Kara the opportunity to be face-to-face with artists and start networking for future  job opportunities. The internship allowed Kara to find a commonality between her two majors and create essential connections. For Kara, the most rewarding part of the internship was connecting with the staff members at Springboard for the Arts.

Julie Goulette

Julie Goulette at ATTACh.When: January 2016
Where: ATTACh, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Major: Psychology

During January, Julie interned at the Association for Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children (ATTACh). One of her main projects was to market the 28th annual Attach Conference in September. She researched practicing and teaching professionals all over the country and reached out to them to invite them to the conference. She was also able to assist in planning a one-day training in Minneapolis at the end of February. Her internship provided her with many opportunities to develop her communication skills both within the office and with individuals across the country. The most rewarding part of her internship was simply knowing what her work was contributing to. Although there is no direct care with clients, the trainings ATTACh provides gives professionals and parents the tools to heal children in need. Seeing all of the behind the scenes work and planning that goes into every training and meeting showed her that there is much more to the therapy world than she had originally thought.

Mengyu Duan

Mengyu Duan at her internship with Argosy.When: January 2016
Argosy Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Psychology and Management

During the 2016 J-Term, Mengyu worked at the Argosy Foundation. Her main task during the internship was to do research and write a memo on approaches to homelessness in the United States with a special focus on two homeless shelters that Argosy Foundation gave $1.1 million to last year. In addition, she also went to an annual clean energy conference, RENEW Wisconsin. Mengyu found the most rewarding part of her experience was getting to know the stories of all the people who work for this foundation. Although her internship is not wholly connected to her major, working in a non-profit sector is what she really wants to do in the future and has also assisted in her growth as a person.

Marilyn Garcés

Marilyn Garcés poses at Handicap International in Silver Springs, MD, where she interned during January Term.When: January 2016
Where: Handicap International, Silver Spring, MD
Major: Economics

During her internship at Handicap International, Marilyn focused on three main projects. In her first project, she created an email analysis report. She used analytics to determine what types of approaches helped raise the most donations. This project built on her economics skills, giving her the opportunity to apply course knowledge. Marilyn also handled messages sent from donors and supports of an Ebola emergency relief project in Sierra Leone. She was able to use her knowledge of several languages to translate messages sent from all over the world. The third project consisted of sending thank you letters to donors. Marilyn found this to be a vital aspect of communication with them. Donors continue supporting a cause when kept involved and up to date, and this is what she helped achieve. Through her experiences, Marilyn also learned a lot about the structure of non-governmental organizations. In the future, she wants to work to help reduce extreme poverty in developing countries. This plan includes working in a non-governmental organization that focuses on poverty reduction. She then hopes to attend graduate school and return home to Ecuador to work in the Ministry of Economic Development.


Sukeji Mikaya

Sukeji Mikaya spent her J-Term at PLEN learning about public policy and where she wants her career to take her.When: January 2016
Where: Public Leadership Education Network, Washington D.C.
Major: International Studies

There is no single path to success; having a wide variety of experiences is best. This is what Sukeji took away from her internship at the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) during January Term. This nonprofit organization was an opportunity for exercising leadership in areas of public policy. Sukeji attended several sessions where women from various agencies and organizations shared their experiences. From these speakers, she learned that communication is essential. This is true for negotiating in professional settings and illustrating experiences in ways that make her stand out. Sukeji's time at the National Women's Law Center was eye-opening as well. She discovered connections between health care, reproductive rights, and minimum wage. This spurred her to consider a career in health care policies and law. Networking with other people also gave Sukeji the opportunity to find people with similar interests. For her, that topic is public health. She finds herself talking more about this issue since her time at PLEN. As a result of her experiences, Sukeji is now more open and eager to what her future will bring.

Ben Harrison

Ben interned at an ESPN sports radio studio over January.When: January 2016
ESPN 102.5 The Game, Nashville, TN
Communication Studies, Journalism minor

Ben interned at an ESPN sports radio studio over January. His role was to record and edit sound clips, screen phone calls, handle promotions, and file information. Since his internship was in a live media setting, Ben learned how to perform in a high stress environment. He was able to help out with tasks related to the NHL All-Star game which was the most rewarding part of his internship. He liked being a part of a big event and helping with the coverage. This was Ben's first time in the professional field of communications, and it reaffirmed that sports radio is the career for him.

Jon Cochrane

Jon Cochrane '16 is a political science major who recently spent his January Term in Washington D.C.When: Spring 2015
Where: National Disability Rights Network, Washington D.C.
Major: Political Science

Jon spent his Washington Semester interning at the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN). He kept busy scheduling meetings for supervisors and researching bills about disability groups. When he wasn't in the office, he was taking notes at hearings and listening to speakers at think tanks. Jon's two supervisors were head public policy directors. They helped him get involved as much as possible, so he got a lot of hands-on experience. This included hearing Supreme Court cases and even spending a night riding with a cop. Jon's experiences helped build skills of communication and organization, both essential characteristics. He knows his time in Washington D.C. gave him responsibilities and opportunities that have helped him begin to shape his future.

Tricia Serres

Tricia SerresWhen: January 2016
Where: Debbie School, Mailman Center for Child Development, Department of Pediatrics, University of Miami, FL
Major: Biology

Tricia headed south for January term and volunteered at the Debbie School, an inclusive elementary school under the pediatric department at the University of Miami. Students at the Debbie school consist of those with physical and mental disabilities, who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as children without disabilities. A number of therapists work in this school, including physical therapists. Tricia observed the therapy methods and realized how different they were from outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. She saw how individualized the plans were for each student. Many of the students had some form of autism, Down’s syndrome, or cerebral palsy, yet each required an individualized treatment plan. She found the internship informative, and it showed her a different side to physical therapy.


Brady Ross

Brady Ross '17 interned at Wayzata Community Church in January of 2016When: January 2016
Wayzata Community Church, Wayzata, MN
Major: Religion

Brady spent the month of January working with the high school ministry team at Wayzata Community Church. As an intern, he preached, led songs, and facilitated dialogue with high school students. He also experienced some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of ministry, such as staff meetings and tech work. Before the internship, Brady wondered when or how he would be able to bring his religion coursework into a career. His time at Wayzata Community Church proved to him that the knowledge and critical thinking skills he has gained at Luther can be very useful in a ministry setting, especially when working with youth. Overall, he found the internship to be inspiring and hopes to pursue this type of work after graduation.

Christine Morrow

Christine Morrow '16 interns at a hospital in FranceWhen: January 2014
Where: l'Hôtel Dieu, Pont l'Abbé, France; Centre Hospitalier de Cornouaille, Quimper, France
Major: Nursing

Christine Morrow spent one month observing in hospitals in France. Despite the limitations due to language and medical barriers, she was able to serve the hospitals in numerous ways. Some days included leading daily patient activities and teaching them about American and Breton culture. Other days she shadowed nurses, checking vitals and blood sugar levels. Christine enjoyed the rewarding experience because of the many lessons that she learned about French and American approaches to healthcare. She also gained confidence in her French speaking skills, especially with medical vocabulary. As a result, she hopes to take her nursing career abroad in the future.

Kristin Anderson

Interned at inspire(d) magazine over January 2016When: January 2016
Inspire(d) Magazine, Decorah, IA

Kristin had the opportunity to intern with the local magazine, Inspire(d), as a graphic designer. Some of the tasks included copy editing blog posts, managing the web page, and developing her own graphics for blog posts. She also had a paper project to work on where she created a kaleidocycle with paper and designed a step-by-step ad on how to recreate it. This experience made Kristin realize that she enjoys the nitty gritty of design work. She also improved her visual communication skills because now she can't help but analyze and deconstruct images. Additionally, she learned a lot about self-management because she worked on campus and met up with her supervisor every few days. This gave her the knowledge of what it takes to own her own graphic design business some day. She was also inspired to start her own web page and submit her art to galleries.

Solveig Nelson


When: January 2016
Humane Society of Northeast Iowa, Decorah, IA

The Humane Society of Northeast Iowa helps abused, neglected, abandoned, and unwanted companion animals in the five-county area of Northeast Iowa. They have numerous services including dog and cat rescue, fostering and adoption services, and humane education. Solveig worked on weekly projects as the fundraising intern. She implemented fundraisers in elementary schools and researched grants that the humane society could apply for. She learned a lot about independent work and time management, as she did all of the work on her own on campus. She volunteered at the shelter two days a week, which Solveig said was the most rewarding part of her internship because she knew that she helped someone other than herself that day. She was able to see how happy the people and the animals were when someone adopted them. The projects she worked on pertained to her management major because she learned a lot about researching and how non-profit companies are different than for-profit companies. This internship solidified Solveig’s interest in working in the non-profit field after she graduates.

Hannah Tulgren

Hannah Tulgren at Norway House in Minneapolis, MNWhen: January 2016
Norway House, Minneapolis, MN

Hannah Tulgren is a sophomore majoring in art and minoring in management. During the month of January, she worked with the Norway House art gallery, café, and bookstore located in Minneapolis, MN. Her internship focused on marketing and project management, which allowed her to blend her interests in art and business administration. Hannah found the internship to be incredibly valuable because it gave her an inside look at a volunteer-run non-profit. During her experience, she learned the importance of communication, time management, and collaboration. She also discovered a great deal about herself and her goals for life after Luther.

Gabe Saemisch

Internship story.

When: January 2016
NaviHealth, Nashville, TN

NaviHealth provides post-acute care programs and management solutions that improve the quality of care during patients’ experiences. Gabe had the opportunity to intern at NaviHealth and gained valuable insight into the healthcare industry. He was able to work with people from many different areas of the business. He felt he was valuable to the NaviHealth corporation and the patients they were assisting in their recovery. Gabe is happy with his J-term experience because while he had fun, he also learned a lot and was able to help those in need!

Fanding Wang

Fanding working at Ashland and PartnersWhen: January 2016
Where: Ashland Partners & Company, Chicago, IL
Major: Accounting & Mathematics/Statistics

Fanding was an audit, tax and GIPS intern at Ashland Partners & Company. He learned how to audit, work on taxes, analyze finances, and use the software systems, Lacerte and Microsoft Office Suite. Another part of the job was to learn proper telephone manners which improved his communication skills. A rewarding part of this experience was the ability to connect what he learned at Luther to the real world. Fanding also believes this internship gave him confidence to ask questions and speak his mind in a work space. He is very grateful for the opportunity to gain experience working in the United States.


Evan Seegmiller

Internship Story.When: January 2016
Evergreen Bank Group, Chicago, IL

Evan interned for the Evergreen Bank Group in Chicago, IL. The CFO directly assigned him projects that allowed him to work with employees from different areas of the bank. He learned how to manage his time as well as communicate with coworkers. Evan enjoyed the experience of working in a city as large as Chicago and enjoyed getting to know his coworkers, who became his good friends. During his time, he learned the importance of connections and having a team that works well together. Evan also realized this is the type of work environment he wants to be involved with in the future.

Matt Chlebek

Internship Story

When: January 2016
Open Decorah, Decorah, IA

Open Decorah is a business that strengthens Decorah’s community by providing a co-working environment to work, gather, share, and learn. Matt gained new experience in sales, social media, and marketing. He found new ways to manage online websites, learned more about using blogs for marketing, learned how to build the brand through consistent messaging, and assisted in the development and implementation of systems to better serve clients. For him, the most rewarding part was to see the progress the company made as people joined and became interested while he was there. Matt discovered through this J-term that if he applies himself, he can accomplish any task at hand!  

Alexis Hove

Alexis Hove '18 completed an internship at Norway House in Minneapolis, MN.

When: January 2016
Norway House, Minneapolis, MN
Nordic Studies, Art

Over the month of January, Alexis completed an internship at Norway House, a nonprofit in Minneapolis that aims to bridge the gap between Americans and contemporary Norway. She had the chance to work in a gallery setting and gained customer service experience working at the front desk. She was also able to organize a Norway House event for staff and members. Additionally, Alexis aided in the planning of a mural that will be painted on the side of a new building. The mural will honor the victims of the terrorist attack in Oslo and Utøya in 2011. This internship was a perfect fit for Alexis, and she enjoyed the opportunity to work with so many people who shared her passions.

Anna Solheim

Anna as a nurseWhen: January 2016
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Over J-term, Anna interned at Mayo Clinic in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She took on the role as a registered nurse and had her own patients under the supervision of a preceptor. Additionally, she learned skills such as monitoring and assessing patients with ventilators and administering feeding tubes, and IV medication. The most rewarding part of her internship was the ability to witness the health of children improve. Anna was also able to learn how important teamwork is as a nurse since it makes the nursing unit more effective. Most of all, Anna learned that it’s important for patients to count on the nurses. After this internship, Anna has more confidence as a nurse and can’t wait to enter the medical field.

Rachel Stoddard

Rachel Stoddard

When: January 2016
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland
Exercise Physiology

During January, Rachel discovered her true passion. It started on a whim with a Google search about prosthetics in the army. A few emails later, she secured a two-week internship at Walter Reed. She interned as an observational student in  the following departments: prosthetics and orthotics, traumatic brain injury (TBI), amputee occupational therapy, amputee physical therapy, music therapy, behavioral health (PTSD and Anxiety based), and service/therapy dog training. During this time, she saw many soldiers and heard many inspiring stories. She enjoyed seeing the soldiers work so hard through therapy to become high-functioning civilians once again. Her career aspirations now include working with injured servicemen as a prosthetist.     


Miranda Gumpert

Miranda Gumpert, Joy Harris, Andrew Carlson, and Rob Manges

When: January 2016
Gundersen Health System, La Crosse, WI

Miranda, along with fellow Luther students Joy Harris, Andrew Carlson, and Robert Manges, spent January shadowing physicians at the Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, WI. In addition to shadowing, she got hands-on experience which included how to make a cast splint, and sutures; laparoscopic surgery techniques; and how to perform an echocardiogram. By exploring many departments, Miranda saw all the different parts that go into providing adequate healthcare. Her time at Gundersen has increased her desire to attend medical school and become a physician.


Emily Osborne

Emily Osborne

When: January 2016
Essentia Health: Erick Peter Person Children's Cancer Center, Duluth, MN
English and Chemistry (Pre-Medicine)

During her J-term, Emily launched a music enrichment volunteer program for the pediatric oncology/hematology department at Erick Peter Person Children’s Cancer Center in Duluth, MN. Emily wrote a grant proposal to get funding, trained and recruited volunteers, created the curriculum, and led music programs for the pediatric cancer patients in both the clinic and hospital. During her time, she gained skills in communicating and connecting with patients and their families. For Emily, it was rewarding to provide a creative outlet for young patients spending too much time in the hospital and clinic. She also learned how important it is to work with various health professionals to give the best care possible. This includes working with physicians and nurses from all departments, therapists, social workers, and others. Finally, she got to see the value of integrative health care services like music therapy, aromatherapy, art therapy, and massage therapy.